XPS Desktops

Legacy Systems

These legacy systems are over a decade old. As their overall hardware is ageing they are not worth the price of an upgrade license… in comparison to a new Dell Inspiron or XPS Desktop.

Or for those on a budget a second hand ex-business model such as the OptiPlex 760/780 with a Windows 7 64 Bit OEM license (eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 10 64 Bit) can be obtained for almost the same price as a new Windows license.

Early Vista Systems

* Windows 8.1 compatibility depends on the processor installed.

Late Vista Systems

4 thoughts on “XPS Desktops

  1. I have a Dell XPS Studio 7100 Desktop with an AMD processor in it. I recently tried to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and now the machine does not boot up all the way.

  2. Hello Philip, you don’t seem to have a driver set for the XPS 435/9000. You have one for the 435MT, but not the XPS 435/9000. Thanks!

  3. Thanks Philip! For some reason I wasn’t notified of this reply. We appreciate your efforts!

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