Recommended Second Hand Models

OptiPlex 7010 (UEFI + Secure Boot)

The OptiPlex 7010 is the last Dell to run Windows XP and for this reason this is one of Dell's most popular models. There are four configurations, and although no longer sold by Dell many of these are being placed on Amazon second hand as large businesses migrate to newer hardware (I'll give affiliate US and UK links below, if you use these, it will help me cover the costs of running this website).

These systems have a UEFI BIOS that Supports Secure Boot and are Windows 10 64 Bit Capable. The SFF is the most popular model and usually the cheapest one to find.

These systems come with Windows 7 Pro (perhaps with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed by the reseller) however you can perform OEM Downgrade Rights on them to Windows XP Pro.