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Intel is the chip manufacturer and Intel chips are used in most Dell, Lenovo and HP systems. Therefore Intel can be thought of as the OEM of OEMs. OEM Drivers offered by Dell, Lenovo and HP are usually repackaged drivers. As a result they may be slightly behind Intel, so it's worth scanning your system with the Intel Driver & Support Assistant.

The Intel Support Assistant seems to be particularly good with Intel Wireless, Bluetooth and Network Controllers. It gives some driver updates for the Storage Controllers. For Video Drivers it seems to prefer you to stick to your OEM as the OEM drivers may be slightly tweaked by the OEM.

Although it has a Chipset category, I've never been offered any updates for the Chipset and the tool seems to be lacking as there is an Intel Management Engine Interface Driver Update available for all the systems I've checked.

Select Download Now:

Double click the setup to install the program:

Accept the License Agreement and select Install:

Accept the User Account Control Prompt:

Accept or Decline the prompt to join the Intel Computing Program:

It will continue to install:

When done, select Launch:

It'll ask you what Browser you want to open it with. Select Chrome or Edge:

It will scan your system:

In my case it found 2 Software Updates and I can scroll down to view these in more detail:

They are Wireless and Bluetooth Driver Updates. I can select Download All Updates:

It will Download the Updates:

We now need to click Install All Updates:

We'll get the UAC Prompt for the first update which we will need to Accept:

We can go through and install the driver:

Once done it will move onto the Second Update:

We'll need to accept the UAC prompt again:

Then go ahead and install the driver:

We are now prompted to restart, select Yes:

After restarting we can simply revisit the Intel Driver & Support Assistant website and it will automatically begin scanning:

My system is now up to date:

In the 3.7 Update to the Intel Driver Support Assistant, it seems Intel have addressed the issue of Storage Controllers.

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