Microsoft Windows OEM FAQs and Downloads



Windows 7 (End of Life in January 2020) and Windows 8 keys still act as Windows 10 Keys and I recommend migrating to the latest build of Windows 10 Version 1809 (September 2018).


Windows 10 – Version 1809

Upgrading from an Older Version of Windows to the Latest Mainstream Version of Windows 10

Performing a Clean Installation of Windows 10

Windows 10 Older Builds

Windows 7

Downgrade Rights from Windows 10 Pro or Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 7 Pro

A Clean Install of Windows 7

Windows 8.1

A Clean Install of Windows 8.1

Virtualisation of Older Windows Versions

  • What is Virtualisation?
    • Installation of Windows 7 Using VMWare and Porting a SLIC 2.1 to the VM
    • Installation of Windows XP Using VMWare
    • Installation of Windows 98SE Using VMWare

Microsoft Office

  • Office WebApps
  • Office 365
  • Tips for Using Microsoft Word
  • Referencing with Microsoft Word and Mendeley Desktop

Obsolete but Useful Microsoft Software

End of Life Windows Operating Systems


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