Installing Linux Ubuntu Version 20.04 in VMware Workstation Player


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To create a Linux Mint Virtual Machine you will need to download and install VMware Workstation Player and you will need to Download the Linux Ubuntu 20.04 ISO.

Creating a New Virtual Machine and Setting up your Virtual Hardware

Select Player →File →New Virtual machine…

Select Installer Disc Image File (iso) and then Browse:

Select your Ubuntu 20.04 ISO and select Open:

Ubuntu 20.04 will be started meaning Easy Install will be used. Select Next:

Input your full name and then input a username (the username has to be all lowerspace characters without spaces). Input a password and repeat it. Select Next:

Select Next:

By default VMware Player will give you absolutely dreadful Virtual Hardware settings for your Virtual Machine resulting in impaired performance of the Virtual Machine. Change the Maximum Disc Size to 120 GB and then select Next:

Select Customize Hardware:

Change the memory to 4 GB:

The number of processors to 4:

The USB Compatibility to USB 3.1:

Accelerate 3D Graphics and change the Graphics Memory to 3 GB and then select Close:

Select Finish:

Installing Ubuntu 20.04

Note if your mouse gets stuck within the VM. The following key combination [Ctrl] + [Alt] should release the mouse from the VM returning it to your Host PC.

Easy Install will automatically install Ubuntu 20.04 and VMware Tools:

After the install you will be prompted to login. Select your user name:

Input your password and press [↵]:

You can optionally connect with your online accounts or select Skip to proceed without connecting to any online accounts::

You can optionally setup Live Patch (you will still receive updates without it). Select Next after making your selection:

You can optionally opt to send System Information to Canonical. Select Next after making your selection:

You can optionally enable Location Services, select Next after making your selection:

Select Done:

Software update

You should be presented with a software update. Select Install Now:

To install the updates you will need to Authenticate them. Input your password and then select Authenticate:

Select Restart Now:

Your VM will Restart. Login by selecting your user name:

Input your password:

Language Settings

The Easy Install will set the Keyboard and Timezone to US English. To change these go to the start menu and then go to settings:

Select Region & Language. In my case I will change all the settings from English (United States) to English (United Kingdom):

I will then remove the English (US) Keyboard Input source:

Next select Date & Time. Enable, Automatic Date & Time and Automatic Time Zone:

Select the power button and then select Power Off:

Select Restart:

Your VM will Restart. Login by selecting your user name:

Input your password:

VMware Tools

VMware Tools are automatically installed. So you can resize the window surrounding your VM in your host PC:

And the VM will expand or contract to fill the Window: