Office Suites

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a paid subscription which includes the Office suite and 1 TB OneDrive Cloud Storage:

Only Office

If you want a Free Office Suite with high compatibility to Microsoft Office and a similar ribbon interface to Microsoft Office, you can install Only Office:

Note Only Office takes a long time to load upon its first launch however it loads up relatively speedy on subsequent launches.

Libre Office

Libre Office uses a Menu Based User Interface by default:

A Ribbon or Tabbed Interface can be selected by going to View and then User Interface:

To get the Ribbon Type User Interface select Tabbed and then Apply to All:

In my case the User Interface Looks Terrible (perhaps this is an issue because I have a High DPI Screen with 200 % Scaling):

The Setting can be reverted by selecting the Settings Icon to the Top Right and selecting User Interface:

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