Dell Four Digit Model Naming Convention

Dell are quite systematic with their model names for example the OptiPlex 7060 and Inspiron 7347 however the naming convention can be quite confusing for those who don't know their numbering convention.

Dell Product Series CSGV (Caliber, Screen, Generation, Variant)

Product Series

The Product Series roughly relates to the sector:

  • OptiPlex and Latitude are sold within the Medium to Large Business Range of Products.
  • Vostro are sold within the Small Business Range of Products.
  • Inspiron are sold within the Home Range of Products.
  • XPS models are sold within both the Home and Business Range of Products.
  • Precision models are workstations and used for specialist applications that require more computing power e.g. physics labs working with simulations and engineering labs using CAD.
  • Alienware are designed for the gaming market.

Letter Cxxx

C corresponds to the grade of product. An odd digit is normally used beginning at 3 and ending at 9. 3 are the low end budget devices (commonly found in Inspiron products e.g. Inspiron 3050) and 9 are the premium models (commonly found in XPS e.g. XPS 9365 products).

The naming here is roughly inline with Intel's naming convention i3, i5, i7 and i9.

Letter xSxx

S corresponds to the screen size and differs slightly between desktops (2a") and laptops (1a"). For example the XPS 27 7750 has a 27" screen size. The Latitude 7490 has a 14" screen size. The OptiPlex 7060 uses an external monitor i.e. the monitor isn't part of the device so has a 0 here.

Letter xxGx

G roughly corresponds to the generation of the product line. Note the naming convention should not be confused with Intel's processor generation.

  • OptiPlex 7010 – 1st Generation (Intel 2nd and 3rd gen processor)
  • OptiPlex 7020 – 2nd Generation (Intel 4th gen processor)
  • OptiPlex 7040 – 4th Generation (Intel 6th gen processor)
  • OptiPlex 7050 – 5th Generation (Intel 6th and 7th gen processor)
  • OptiPlex 7060 – 6th Generation (Intel 7th gen processor)
  • OptiPlex 7070 – 7th Generation (Intel 8th and 9th gen processor)
  • OptiPlex 7080 – 8th Generation (Intel 10th gen processor)

Letter xxxV

V gives an additional parameter when two models have the same grade, screen size and generation of processor. By default 0 is taken as the standard configuration and 1 if there is a later variant… Some product ranges like the XPS like to use 0 as the standard laptop configuration and 5 as the 2 in 1 device while 4 is used in the Latitude range of products for rugged devices.