Dell F12 – UEFI PreBoot Diagnostics

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If you have a problem such as a Boot Issue or a recurring Blue Screen.

It is always best to run diagnostics from a systems UEFI BIOS as it allows one to differentiate between problems caused by hardware failure and software issues. To access Dell UEFI Preboot diagnostics power down your Dell and tap [F12] repeatedly when powering it up. This will access the Boot Menu:

The Boot Menu will show:

Press the [↓] key until Diagnostics is highlighted and press [Enter]:

The basic diagnostics test will now begin:

You will have to select [Yes] or [No] when asked whether or not you see the colour bars:

Once the basic tests complete, select Yes to run the extended tests:

In my case, my system is healthy so all the tests passed as expected so I can press OK. If you have an error message it will display.

The most common are:

  • 2000-0142 – the HDD/SSD has failed
  • 2000-0146 – the HDD/SSD has failed
  • 2000-0123 – the RAM has failed

You can reseat these and then try again in case the cables/connections are loose. If you have another error code confer with the Reference Table of ePSA, PSA Error Codes and Troubleshooting Steps

Select Exit:

Then select OK at the prompt. The computer will now restart:

If you have an older Dell Model (2007-2010) you may need to make a Bootable Diagnostics CD/USB.


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