Dell F12 – UEFI PreBoot Diagnostics

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XPS 13 9365 – SMBIOS 3.0

Inspiron 7347 – SMBIOS 2.7

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If you have a problem such as a Boot Issue or a recurring Blue Screen.

It is always best to run diagnostics from a systems UEFI BIOS as it allows one to differentiate between problems caused by hardware failure and software issues. To access Dell UEFI Preboot diagnostics power down your Dell and tap [F12] repeatedly when powering it up. This will access the Boot Menu:

The Boot Menu will show:

Press the [↓] key until Diagnostics is highlighted and press [Enter]:

The basic diagnostics test will now begin:

You will have to select [Yes] or [No] when asked whether or not you see the colour bars:

Once the basic tests complete, select Yes to run the extended tests:

In my case, my system is healthy so all the tests passed as expected so I can press OK. If you have an error message it will display.

The most common are:

  • 2000-0142 – the HDD/SSD has failed
  • 2000-0146 – the HDD/SSD has failed
  • 2000-0123 – the RAM has failed

You can reseat these and then try again in case the cables/connections are loose. If you have another error code confer with the Reference Table of ePSA, PSA Error Codes and Troubleshooting Steps.

The Drive and Memory Modules are the parts most likely to fail however they are fortunately usually also the easiest to replace. Your can purchase a Solid State Drive or Replacement Memory Modules from Crucial using my affiliate link below. More details about looking for compatible parts and finding your Service Manual are available below:

Select Exit:

Then select OK at the prompt. The computer will now restart:

If you have an older Dell Model (2007-2010) you may need to make a Bootable Diagnostics CD/USB.

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