Convert Dell Windows 7 Pro USB to a ISO

Windows 7 Reached End of Life in January 2020.

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You will need to have Downloaded the Dell Windows 7 Pro Reinstallation ISO from Dell, made a Bootable USB and slipstreamed Updates and Drivers to the install.wim.

This guide will convert that updated Bootable USB into a ISO (which can be used with VMware Player or to Make a Bootable USB at a later date).


You will need to Download oscdimg

Extract and copy to:


Create a new folder:


This will be the folder your Windows 7 ISO is created in.

Copy the following into Notepad++





Instructions below are given for BIOS but are identical for UEFI. UEFI only references a different boot file.

The code above is for the D:\ Drive, if your drive is different update the Drive Letter referencing the file

And update the Drive letter of the Bootable USB once again:

Save the file ending in the extension .bat (as type all files)

Right click it and select run as administrator:

The Command Window will show, wait for it to disappear:

You now have the ISO:

You should find your newly created Windows 7 ISO in:


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