Slipstreaming Updates to the Dell Windows 7 Professional Skylake Reinstallation ISO 32 Bit

Full written instructions are available here for Windows 7 64 Bit. You can use these instructions alongside the download links and script below for Windows 7 32 Bit.

The April 2015 Servicing Stack:

The Convenience Rollup:

Perquisite Updates for IE11:

IE11 as a Cab File:

For KB2990941 and KB2841134 you either need to email Microsoft or Download the files. Or alternatively Download the Gigabyte Windows USB Tool and extract it.

KB2990941 and KB2841134 are found in:


March 2019 Security Rollup for Windows 7 x86:

Basic Drivers

Create a folder called Drivers. For a generic case download the following files:

You want to extract this file to the Desktop. Go to the extracted folder and copy the contents in


To a new folder called Drivers.

You want to extract this file to the Desktop. Go to the extracted folder and copy the contents in


All System Drivers

It is also possible to Download from Dell a Driver Pack which can be slipstreamed giving all Dell Drivers for your model. These are only available for Dell Business Models such as the OptiPlex, Latitude, Precision and some XPS Models. They are not available for the Inspiron Models.

This should be extracted with 7zip and the extracted folder which includes the subfolder of the 32 Bit drivers should be named Drivers.



Solid State Drive Upgrade

Before you use it to Clean Install Windows 7, now is an excellent time to consider upgrading your systems slow access Hard Drive to a fast access Solid State Drive. Clean installation directly onto a SSD will substantially speed up your system. See my guide below for more details:


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