Converting the Dell Windows 7 Professional Reinstallation USB to a Multi-Edition, Multi-Lingual Windows 7 Bootable USB for All Retail and OEM Licenses

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It is far easier to Download the multi-lingual Windows 7 Pro Reinstallation ISO than any Windows 7 media from Microsoft (in particular for a non-English language). This guide will demonstrate how to convert a Dell Windows 7 Pro Reinstallation USB to a multi-edition, multi-lingual Microsoft Windows 7 Bootable USB which will cover all Retail and OEM Licenses.


Removing Dell OEM Customisation

To remove the Dell OEM customisation we must delete the following folder:

Open your Dell Windows 7 Professional Bootable USB in Windows Explorer.

Select the Sources Folder:

Delete the $OEM$ folder. This will remove the Dell logo and Dell information for example in System Properties and the Dell Desktop backgrounds.

In the sources folder also look for the EI.cfg file, this locks the Edition of Windows 7 and it locks it to OEM.

Once it is deleted we will get a ballot screen during installation to select our desired Edition:

You will also get the option to input a Retail Product Key during installation:

For the OEM License, Uncheck Automatically Activate Windows when I'm Online and select Skip.

Post-installation select Start and Right click Computer:

Select Properties:

You can check your Activation Status:

OEM Cert and SLP Collection

Download the OEM.xrm-ms and SLP.bat Collection:

For more details about this activation mechanism see here.

Select your OEM e.g. Dell and your Edition e.g. Professional and copy the OEM folder:

Solid State Drive Upgrade

Before you use it to Clean Install Windows 7, now is an excellent time to consider upgrading your systems slow access Hard Drive to a fast access Solid State Drive. Clean installation directly onto a SSD will substantially speed up your system. See my guide below for more details:

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