Windows 7 OEM System Locked Preinstallation Activation

Code of Authenticity (COA) and Windows Identification Labels

Systems manufactured before 2012 were sold with a Windows 7 Code of Authenticity (COA). This contained the Edition of Windows 7 and a 25 Digit Product Key and was typically placed under the battery to prevent fading. This installation key works with Windows 10 Installation Media but will only activate with Phone Activation with Windows 7 Installation Media.

Systems sold after 2012 have the following sticker to identification labels to indicate that they have an embedded Windows OEM License.

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

The Windows Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) License is a Windows License supplied preinstalled with a device.

This is typically the type of Windows License supplied with a Dell, HP and Lenovo computer which preinstall Windows on tens of thousands to millions of Devices. The Product Support for the Hardware and the Software is supplied by the Equipment Manufacturer and not Microsoft. We will refer to these as Major OEMs and the License as a Major OEM License.

There is an additional OEM License called the Commercial OEM License. This License was designed for low volume OEMs for example a Medical/Scientific Instrument manufacturer who may make specialised hardware on hundreds to thousands of Devices and for independent local PC Shops who would build and sell hundreds to thousands of custom Desktop Computers and provide Hardware and Software Support to the End Customer. These OEM Devices are known as Commercial OEM Licenses. They were unfortunately predominantly incorrectly licensed as consumers often purchased these Licenses as "Cheap Retail Licenses". Commercial OEM Licenses do not have OEM System Locked Preinstallation Activation Mechanisms.

What is OEM System Locked Preinstallation?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like Dell preinstall Windows on millions of Devices. In order to avoid having to manually type an alpha-numeric 25 digit product key and calling Microsoft for Product Activation on every single computer they manufacture, they activate their devices using a different mechanism called OEM System Locked Preinstallation (OEM SLP).

Below is a list of OEM activation mechanisms for different types of Windows Installation Media. It took some time for Microsoft to create downloadable multi-edition installation media that works with all Windows 7 OEM, Windows 8.0 OEM, Windows 8.1 OEM and Windows 10 OEM Licenses. These installation guides arose as I experienced these difficulties and found a series of unofficial workarounds which I shared with the Dell Community Forums and the popularity of these workarounds eventually reached Microsoft who implemented many of the suggested fixes in Windows 10 Version 1511 and almost all the suggested fixes in Windows 10 Version 1709 and later. For up to date installation guides see the following:

The only fix that wasn't incorporated fully in Windows 10 Version 1709+ Installation Media is the activation mechanism involving direct SLIC 2.1 however the indirect activation mechanism Genuine Ticket can be used instead.

Installation MediaOEM Activation MechanismsNotesDownloadable
Windows 10
(Version 1709+↑)
Windows 10 MSDM
Windows 8.1 MSDM
Windows 8.0 MSDM
Windows 7 COA
Genuine Ticket
Windows 10
(Version 1511-1703)
Windows 10 MSDM
Windows 8.1 MSDM
Windows 8.0 MSDM
Windows 7 COA
Genuine Ticket
Edition SpecificYes
Windows 10 (Version 1507)Windows 10 MSDM
Genuine Ticket
Edition SpecificYes
Windows 8.1 with Update 2Windows 8.1 MSDM
Windows 8.0 MSDM
Version and Edition SpecificYes
Windows 8.1 with Update 1Windows 8.1 MSDMVersion and Edition SpecificNo Required Retail Key
Replaced by Windows 8.1 with Update 2 Media.
Windows 8.1 without UpdatesWindows 8.1 MSDMVersion and Edition SpecificNo Required Retail Key
Replaced by Windows 8.1 with Update 2 Media.
Windows 8.0Windows 8.0 MSDMVersion and Edition SpecificNo Required Retail Key
Replaced by Windows 8.1 with Update 2 Media.
Windows 7 OEMSLIC 2.1 (Hardware) with SLP (Media)No Except for Dell Win 7 Pro
(7 Years After Launch)
Windows 7 RetailWindows 7 COAPhone ActivationYes
SLIC 2.1 (Hardware) with no SLP (Media)SLP Could Manually Be Added
Windows 7 Commercial OEMWindows 7 COAPhone ActivationYes
SLIC 2.1 (Hardware) with no SLP (Media)SLP Could Manually Be Added
Windows Vista OEMSLIC 2.0 (Hardware) with SLP (Media)No
Windows Vista RetailWindows Vista COAPhone ActivationYes but Digital River Servers
Shut Down Now
SLIC 2.1 (Hardware) with no SLP (Media)SLP Could Manually Be Added
Windows XP OEMSLIC 1 (Hardware) with SLP (Media)No

MSDM – Microsoft Digital Marker

For systems sold with Windows 8 OEM and Windows 10 OEM the 25 digit product key is not seen printed on a label but is embedded in the MSDM table of the UEFI BIOS. Windows 10 Installation Media downloadable from Microsoft will automatically input these product keys during installation and as it's multi-edition it will automatically select the correct Edition corresponding to the Windows Product Key. Although most people shouldn't need to, one can check if they have a MSDM by installing RWEverything.

The ACPI tables should load by default (if not select Access → ACPI Tables).

SLIC – System License Internal Code

For Windows 7, the 25 digit product key was printed on a CoA but it is typically not used during Windows 7 Installation. Instead Windows 7 is activated from Factory using OEM System Locked Preinstallation. For Windows 7 OEM SLP three things are required:

  • The System has a SLIC Version of 2.1
  • The Installation Media Inputs:
    • A xrm-ms File.
    • A Generic OEM SLP Key (Generic for the OEM e.g. Dell and the Edition of Windows 7 e.g. Professional).

If all three requirements are satisfied OEM SLP is applied. Although most people shouldn't need to, one can check if they have a SLIC by installing RWEverything.

The ACPI tables should load by default (if not select Access → ACPI Tables).

A SLIC Version of 1.0 is for Windows XP, a SLIC Version of 2.0 is for Windows Vista and a SLIC Version of 2.1 is for Windows 7. Systems shipped with Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows 10 Pro will have a SLIC Version of 2.1 in addition to the MDSM because they are eligible for OEM Downgrade Rights to Windows 7 Pro OEM.

Windows 7 OEM Installation Media

The Out of the Box Experience (OOBE) script calls the System Locked Preinstallation Script (SLP) script. The SLP script has two lines the first line installs the OEM.xrm-ms file and the second line inputs the generic OEM SLP key. This is the key for Dell Windows 7 Professional.

This is the SLP script from a Dell unmodified Dell Windows 7 Professional Reinstallation ISO:

cscript %windir%\system32\slmgr.vbs -ilc %windir%\system32\oem\OEM.xrm-ms
cscript %windir%\system32\slmgr.vbs -ipk 32KD2-K9CTF-M3DJT-4J3WC-733WD

Windows 7 Retail Media or System Builder OEM Media does not contain an $OEM$ folder and will not apply OEM SLP and will instead ask for a Retail Product Key During Installation. This has caused a lot of confusion regarding OEM SLP.

Applying Windows 7 OEM SLP Using Retail Media

Retail Installation Media asks for a Product Key During Installation. We can uncheck "Automatically Activate Windows when I'm Online".

Post Installation we can apply the OEM System Locked Preinstallation. Download the following:

Extract, select your OEM and then Edition of Windows 7. Copy the OEM folder directly to the C:\Drive. Right click the SLP.cmd file and select run as administrator, this will apply OEM SLP as per the factory settings.

The slp.cmd script for Dell Windows 7 Professional is shown below. Note the OEM folder must be copied to the C:\ Drive directly so the script can find the OEM.xrm-ms file.

slmgr -ilc C:\oem\OEM.xrm-ms
slmgr -ipk 32KD2-K9CTF-M3DJT-4J3WC-733WD

Applying Windows 7 OEM SLP All OEMs Using Dell Media

The Dell Windows 7 Pro Reinstallation ISO is downloadable and applies OEM SLP for Dell systems.

It can be modified to apply OEM SLP for your OEM by changing three files in Notepad or Notepad++:


The EI.cfg file is found in the sources folder:


Where D is the Drive Letter.

Open with Notepad and change Edition:


From professional to starter, homebasic, homepremium or ultimate (no spaces and no capitalisation).


The OOBE.cmd file is found in:


Where D is the Drive Letter.

Open with Notepad and remove the lines under CUSTOMIZATIONS (to remove Dell Logos) so it looks like the following:

@echo off

if exist %systemroot%\setup\scripts\slp.cmd call %systemroot%\setup\scripts\slp.cmd
if exist %systemroot%\setup\scripts\slp.cmd del /F /Q %systemroot%\setup\scripts\slp.cmd

WUSA.EXE %SYSTEMDRIVE%\hotfix\Windows6.1-KB2482122-%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%.msu /quiet /noreboot


del /F /Q %systemroot%\setup\scripts\oobe.cmd


The slp.cmd file is found in:


Where D is the Drive Letter.

cscript %windir%\system32\slmgr.vbs -ilc %windir%\system32\oem\OEM.xrm-ms
cscript %windir%\system32\slmgr.vbs -ipk 32KD2-K9CTF-M3DJT-4J3WC-733WD

Replace the 25 Digit Product Key with the correct one for your OEM and Edition of Windows 7 (below).

OEM SLP Key Collection

Many people on forums are instructed to use key finders to find their OEM Product Key and instead will find the OEM SLP key and fail to activate using it. These keys will only activate using windows 7 OEM SLP, they do not activate using other activation methods.

Note the first 5 digits of the Product ID listed below will differ corresponding to the language installed.


EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
Windows 7 Starter xxxxx-OEM -8992707-00082 36Q3Y-BBT84-MGJ3H-FT7VD-FG72J
Windows 7 Home Basic xxxxx-OEM-8992752-50258
Windows 7 Home Premium xxxxx-OEM-8992687-00095 6RBBT-F8VPQ-QCPVQ-KHRB8-RMV82
Windows 7 Professional xxxxx-OEM-8992671-00524 32KD2-K9CTF-M3DJT-4J3WC-733WD
Windows 7 Ultimate xxxxx -OEM-8992662-00400 342DG-6YJR8-X92GV-V7DCV-P4K27
Windows Vista Home Basic xxxxx-OEM-7332166-00096 3YMR2-WMV49-4WD8X-M9WM7-CH4CG
Windows Vista Home Premium xxxxx-OEM-7332157-00204 4GPTT-6RYC4-F4GJK-KG77H-B9HD2
Windows Vista Business xxxxx-OEM-7332141-00054 368Y7-49YMQ-VRCTY-3V3RH-WRMG7
Windows Vista Ultimate xxxxx-OEM-7332132-00141 2QBP3-289MF-9364X-37XGX-24W6P
EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
Windows 7 Home Premium xxxxx-OEM-8992687-00008 V3Y2W-CMF9W-PGT9C-777KD-32W74
Windows 7 Professional xxxxx-OEM-8992671-00188 4CFBX-7HQ6R-3JYWF-72GXP-4MV6W
Windows 7 Ultimate xxxxx-OEM-8992662-00008


Edition Product ID OEM SLP Key
Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992752-30169


Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50213 22MFQ-HDH7V-RBV79-QMVK9-PTMXQ
Windows 7 Home Premium xxxxx-OEM-8992687-00249 27GBM-Y4QQC-JKHXW-D9W83-FJQKD
Windows 7 Professional xxxxx-OEM-8992671-00437


Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-00537 6K2KY-BFH24-PJW6W-9GK29-TMPWP


EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
Windows Vista Starterxxxxx-OEM-7332204-00603 223JH-DDMFR-3WBTR-H3V93-28JK8
Windows Vista Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-7332166-00021 2VX48-BVXT6-GD2PK-BD3R2-44MV3
Windows Vista Home Premium xxxxx-OEM-7332157-00174 HW7V9-XYT4W-PFR9Q-2DKGJ-RR4TD
Windows Vista Businessxxxxx-OEM-7332141-00039 2Q2WM-VCB98-8C6BG-C9BT2-3XDRY
Windows Vista Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-7332132-00015 23CM9-P7MYR-VFWRT-JGH7R-R933G
Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992752-30008 RH98C-M9PW4-6DHR7-X99PJ-3FGDB
Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50008 DX8R9-BVCGB-PPKRR-8J7T4-TJHTH
Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00010 4FG99-BC3HD-73CQT-WMF7J-3Q6C9
Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00008 74T2M-DKDBC-788W3-H689G-6P6GT
Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-00010 MHFPT-8C8M2-V9488-FGM44-2C9T3


EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992752-30005 6K6WB-X73TD-KG794-FJYHG-YCJVG
Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50005 89G97-VYHYT-Y6G8H-PJXV6-77GQM
Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00007


Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00407 2WCJK-R8B4Y-CWRF2-TRJKB-PV9HW
Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-00173 2Y4WT-DHTBF-Q6MMK-KYK6X-VKM6G


EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992752-30004RDJXR-3M32B-FJT32-QMPGB-GCFF6
Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50004  MB4HF-2Q8V3-W88WR-K7287-2H4CP
Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00006  VQB3X-Q3KP8-WJ2H8-R6B6D-7QJB7
Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00004  YKHFT-KW986-GK4PY-FDWYH-7TP9F
Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-00006  FJGCP-4DFJD-GJY49-VJBQ7-HYRR2


EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992752-30013 PV9BD-YBRX6-CTMG6-CCMJY-X8XG7
Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50013 2P6PB-G7YVY-W46VJ-BXJ36-PGGTG
Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00015 CQBVJ-9J697-PWB9R-4K7W4-2BT4J
Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00013 GMJQF-JC7VC-76HMH-M4RKY-V4HX6
Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-0001549PB6-6BJ6Y-KHGCQ-7DDY6-TF7CD


EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992707-00016 32J2V-TGQCY-9QJXP-Q3FVT-X8BQ
Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50014 YV7QQ-RCXQ9-KTBHC-YX3FG-FKRW8
Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00016 H4JWX-WHKWT-VGV87-C7XPK-CGKHQ
Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00014 H9M26-6BXJP-XXFCY-7BR4V-24X8
Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-00016 YJJYR-666KV-8T4YH-KM9TB-4PY2W


EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992752-30015 TGBKB-9KBGJ-3Y3J6-K8M2F-J2HJQ
Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50015 9H4FH-VD69Y-TGBD2-4PM4K-DRMMH
Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00057


Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00137


Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-00459 2XQ63-J3P67-9G3JC-FHQ68-8Q2F3


EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992707-00121


Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50179 2TY7W-H4DD4-MB62F-BD9C3-88TM6
Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00246 4G3GR-J6JDJ-D96PV-T9B9D-M8X2Q
Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00503 2W3CX-YD4YJ-DF9B2-V27M6-77GMF


EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992752-30007  PMXH9-M23P9-QJJMB-2FWRC-7CDKP
Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50007 8W3JQ-BP2HY-F47QX-6CQ94-2BKQB
Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00009 C6MHH-TRRPT-74TDC-FHRMV-XB88W
Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00007 PT9YK-BC2J9-WWYF9-R9DCR-QB9CK
Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-00009 9CW99-79BBF-D4M3X-9BK9M-4RPH9

Genuine Ticket

This Product Activation Mechanism is only required if the COA is faded (if it is not you can clean install Windows 10 using the key on the COA for initial one time Product Activation) and the system has never had Windows 10 Installed and Activated (if it has had Windows 10 Previously Installed and Activated the Activation Server will remember your Device and Automatically Reactivate provided you installed the correct Edition of Windows 10).

To generate a GenuineTicket for the initial Product Activation Mechanism of Windows 10 you will need to first install Windows 7 with enough drivers to connect to the internet. Then on the Windows 7 Desktop you should attach a Windows 10 Bootable USB:

Copy the GatherOSState.exe from the sources folder to the Windows 7 Desktop.

Ensure you are online and right click gatherostate.exe and run it as an administrator:

Accept the User Account Control Prompt:

If your Windows 7 OEM Install is genuine and you are connected to the internet, a genuineticket will be generated.

You can use this genuine ticket for Product Activation. Copy it over to your Bootable USB.

Once Windows 10 is installed from the Bootable USB, copy the GenuineTicket over to the following folder and then restart your Computer.


Microsoft will check this folder upon startup and submit the genuine ticket and your system details to the Product Activation Server giving it the green light for Product activation. Once this is done you can clean install Windows 10 without a Product Key and it will activate when online. You won't need the GenuineTicket ever again.

The genuineticket will only work on the same computer it was generated on.