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Windows Vista Reaches End of Life

End of OS Support

  • 11 Apr 2017: Windows Vista reaches End of Life and no security patches will be released since. See here for more details.
  • 08 Apr 2014: Windows XP reached End of Life (>3 years ago) and no security patches have been released since. See here for more details.

End of Browser Support

  • 27 Sep 2016: FireFox 53 Drops support for Windows Vista and Windows XP see here for more details.
  • 12 Jan 2016: Support for all versions of Internet Explorer except for Internet Explorer 11. See here for more details.
  • 01 May 2016: Google have just dropped support for Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Some How to Tutorial Videos

A assortment of new tutorial videos I’ve made.

Screen Recording using Debut Video Capture

Debut video capture is available here:

Referencing using Mendeley Desktop

Mendeley Desktop is available here:

Scanning a Colour Document, Straightening ot, Cleaning it up and Performing OCR for Free

Gimp is available here:

PDFill Free Tools are available here:

PDF XChange Viewer is available here:

Creating an Animated GIF using Image J

Image J (FiJi) is available here:

Disable Driver Signature Enforcement to use an Unsigned Driver in Windows 10



Converting a Windows XP OEM Physical Machine into a Retail Virtual Machine

This one has a written guide:

PhD Thesis – Nanometrology using Time-Resolved Fluorescence

A couple of months ago I finished my PhD. I have made basic tutorial video on some of the basics of Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Super-Resolution Microscopy.

Fluorescence Emission and Rayleigh Scattering

dSTORM – direct Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy

Something more scientific related to my field of work. For those interested you may see my completed PhD thesis:

Missed the “Windows 10 Free Upgrade”? – What next?

Microsoft had heavily been marketing a 1 Year Free Upgrade for Windows 10 from Windows 7 and windows 8.1. That 1 Year Ended on the 29/07/2016. Now Microsoft at different levels; website, technical support and marketing state the Free Upgrade has Ended however they do so with some inconsistencies. There is a post about Accessibility users with a slightly newer upgrade assistant here.


Despite all the statements from Microsoft Marketing stating the Free Upgrade has Ended it appears:

  1. Slight changes have been made to Windows 10 Installation Media*.
  2. No changes have been made to Windows 10 Activation Servers**.

At current the Windows 10 RS1 .iso will accept Windows 7/8.1 OEM and Retail keys during installation. This is expected as otherwise users will install the incorrect Edition. However fresh keys also continue to activate systems not already been made Windows 10 Device. For more Details see Download a Windows 10 OEM and Retail .iso.

* 07/08/2016 There appears to have been some minor changes to the Windows 10 RS1 Media Creation Tool and Windows Installation Files is an Upgrade Install is attempted. These changes mean the user is asked for a Windows 10 Product Key and Windows 7/8.x keys are rejected. These changes are very minor and can be overcame with a few clicks.

** 10/08/2016 Tested 3 systems with Windows 7 Pro OEM Licenses that weren’t Windows 10 Pro Devices. Clean installation of Windows 10 Pro with the product key input during installation of afterwards in settings lead to Microsoft Product Activation and the systems being designated Windows 10 Pro Devices.

** 10/08/2016 Tested the 10130 Upgrade Path in a Fresh VM. It still works:

For more details see:

It is extremely unlikely that Windows 10 RS1 installation media stops accepting Windows 7/8.x keys during installation as the wrong Edition of Windows may be installed resulting in many Product Activation issues…

If the Product Key is rejected in System/Settings when Windows 10 tries to contact the activation server it’ll also cause Product Activation issues. I don’t think this is likely to happen; it depends if Microsoft want to get serious about stopping offering the Free Upgrade…

Heres what happens with GWX (Get Windows 10) if you Change the Date…

If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 TH2 you will get a 2 day countdown from the GWX (Get Windows 10 Nagware).


I decided to change my date/time in my UEFI BIOS and I got this.


The Windows 10 TH2 Media Creation Tool seems to be unphased by the date change however.


Note that the Windows 10 TH2 Media Creation Tool seems to be completely unphased by the fact that the system’s date has changed. This may be because either it connects to Microsoft Servers and the servers report the true date or alternatively because Microsoft have no intention on stopping the Free Upgrade. More testing needs to be done.

More details in this video:

Will the Free Upgrade Continue? – Windows 10 RS1 Insider Preview 14383 and 14393 Builds Still Accept Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 OEM Keys

I made a Recovery Drive of Windows 10 14383 from my Latitude 7350 and clean installed it on an OptiPlex 390 system which has never been made a Windows 10 Pro Device:

I then used the OptiPlex 390’s Windows 7 OEM Key to activate Windows 10 RS1 Insider Preview.

I have completed the same test with build 14393. There isno audio here as the results are identical:

Notes: As we have everything updated in these Insider builds to match the final release in order to stamp out the last bugs – this includes the license agreement, Edition and lack of watermark. Then we can say for sure that as far as the Operating System is concerned Unused Windows 7 OEM keys are still accepted. Any changes to Product Activation are not incorporated into the installation media but this not rule out changes in the Microsoft Product Activation Server.

My personal opinion is the Free Upgrade will continue after the 29th of July… Windows 7/Windows 8.x keys are too embedded into Windows 10 and the deliberate breakage of product activation without time for testing on an Insider Preview build is a really silly move for Microsoft.