7 thoughts on “Linux Fedora 32 (64 Bit), Linux Ubuntu 20.04 and Linux Mint 20 Installation Videos

  1. hi Philip,

    i left a comment on your ubuntu video few days back. i am facing some trouble with not able to detect my ubuntu ready usb in the boot menu.

    1. Does it show in the BIOS menu like the following screen?
      Just make sure that it is not unselected here. Note you may have a screen like this instead (its from my XPS 13 9365, not too sure if this updated UI was just a one off or if all XPS models have it, could you let me know what BIOS screen you have):

      1. I have an image not sure how to share with you here….my bios looks like 1st image and uts version is 1.7 …my laptop is xps 15 7590

      2. Can you upload the images to google drive or onedrive and create a link (or otherwise create a post on the Dell Community Forums)?

  2. ok i have a one drive link


    I had installed successfully on dell xps 15 7590 and registered the mok also….i ran into some problem in ubuntu and it crashed and now its not able to recover ….so i thought of reinstallin ubuntu from the same usb flash drive….problem is now i am not seeing the usb in the boot sequence in bios setup. Only 2 options are there, 1. Ubuntu and 2. Uefi ssdxxxxxx which is my ssd drive.
    How do i enable to boot from usb to reinstall ubuntu…also when pressed f12 it also does not show usb drive….please help me asap…

    However windows usb was detecting so installed windows and deleted all the partitions. Now windows is installed.

    whenever any USB is not connected, boot sequence shows only windows boot manager. when i connect ubuntu USB , 2nd option like UEFI: SSDxxxx will show up in boot sequence and when that option is chosen after pressing F12 nothing happens and windows continue to boot. but at no condition the ubuntu USB is being recognized.

  3. i had created the ubuntu bootable usb from rufus earlier. however i will try again if the manual boot entry method does not work..

    Do you know the second option is coming for me everytime i plug in a USB Drive in boot sequence?

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