Microsoft Release Windows 11 Beta ISO

Microsoft have released a Windows 11 Insider Preview Beta Channel ISO and Windows 11 Insider Preview Dev Channel ISO. They are available to download from here:

I have tested the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build on an OptiPlex 7040 with a 6th Generation Intel Processor and an OptiPlex 7050 with a 7th Generation Intel Processor. These systems are below Microsoft's recommended system requirements which are 8th Generation Intel Processors or later. Mid and High end 6th and 7th Generation Processors have similar system performance to lower end 8th Generation Intel Processors and have the additional Security Requirements; A UEFI BIOS with a GRUB2 Security Exploit patched Secure Boot and a TPM Version of 2.0 or higher.

Unfortunately the install.wim exceeds 4.0 GB. 4.0 GB is the upper file size for the FAT32 file system meaning it is not possible to create a Bootable USB with a single FAT32 partition. Some systems with a UEFI BIOS and Secure Boot require a FAT32 partition in order to Boot. In the case of my OptiPlex 7040/7050/7060 (6th/7th/8th Generation) Secure Boot blocks a USB with only a NTFS Partition. On my XPS 13 9365/9305 (7th/10th Generation) the same USB with only a NTFS Partition passes Secure Boot.

To get around this we need to create a USB with a 1 GB FAT32 Boot Partition with the remaining space allocated to a NTFS Install Partition. I demonstrate this in the video below using Disk Management.

Windows 11 has new Out of the Box Experience (OOBE) setup screens. The OOBE setup now prompts for a Computer Name.

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