Timeline of the Flags of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

I took an interest in the Union Flag and the historical ties between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom:

CANZUK Flag Timeline Updated 5 to 3

YouTube video showing the evolution here:

0832 Scotland 1118 England 1198 Royal Standard of England 1222 The Royal Banner of Scotland 1365 Flag of the Kingdom of France 1542 Royal Standard of the Kingdom of Ireland 1707 1. Kings Colours Construction 1707 2. Kings Colours 1707 3. Kings Colours 1707 4. Kings Colours Red Ensign 1707 5. Kings Colours Blue Ensign 1707 6. Kings Colours White Ensign 1707 8. Kings Colours British East India Company 1783 Ireland 1801 2. Union Flag 1801 3. Union Flag 1801 4. Union Flag Red Ensign 1801 5. Union Flag Blue Ensign 1801 6. Union Flag White Naval Ensign 1801 8. The Irish Green Ensign 1801 9. The British East India Company 1858 Nova Scotia 1867 New Zealand Blue Ensign 1868 The Canadian Red Ensign S. All

Shield 1. Ontario (St George’s Cross and Maple Leaf), 2. Quebec (Fleur De Lis, Royal Lion of England and Maple Leaf), 3. Nova Scotia (Thistle and Fish) and 4. New Brunswick (Royal Lion of England and sailing ship).

1873 The Canadian Red Ensign S. All

Shield 5. Manitoba (St George’s Cross and bison who roamed the province), 6. British Colombia (The royal crest of the Imperial Lion upon the Imperial Crown), 7. Prince Edward Island (Three oak samplings denoting the Island’s three counties beneath a mature Oak which represents Great Britain).

1896 The Canadian Red Ensign S. All

Shield 6. British Colombia Updated (“The sun never sets on the British Empire”)

1901A StarConstellations 1901B TheSouthernCross 1901C The New Zealand Red Ensign Construction Part 1 1901D The New Zealand Red Ensign Construction Part 2 1901I All TheNewZealandRedEnsign 1901J All TheNewZealandRedEnsign

New Zealand had a referendum on changing their flag. They decided to keep their Blue Ensign:

The Southern Cross Crux α-Crux 9 sided, β-Crux 8 sided, γ-Crux 7 sided, δ-Crux 6 sided and ε-Crux 5 sided. The number of sides in each star denotes the relative brightness of the Southern Cross.

The Commonwealth star 6-sided representing the 6 states of the Commonwealth of Australia.

See the first Australia Red Ensign restored to its glory:

1903B TheAustralianRedEnsign2 1903C TheAustralianBlueEnsign2 All stars in the Crux updated to 7 sides. This emphasises the Commonwealth star which is updated to 7 sides denoting 6 states and a territory (and any future territories).

1907 The Canadian Red Ensign S. All

Shield 7. Alberta (St George Cross above Rocky Mountains and their foothills followed by grass prairies and cultivated wheat fields) and 8. Saskatchewan (Royal Lion on yellow field – similar to the Royal banner of Scotland and three gold sheaves of wheat representing the province’s agriculture)

1907B TheAustralianRedEnsign3 1907C TheAustralianBlueEnsign3

All stars in the Crux updated to 7 sides. This emphasises the Commonwealth star which is updated to 7 sides (6 territories and a state).

1920 The British Royal Airforce Sky Blue Ensign 1921 The Canadian Red Ensign 1. Construction 1921 The Canadian Red Ensign 2. Construction 1921 The Canadian Red Ensign 3. Construction 1921 The Canadian Red Ensign S. All 1921 The Canadian T Blue Ensign T. All 1923 The New Zealand Royal Airforce Sky Blue Ensign 1940 The British Royal Airforce Sky Blue Ensign 1941 TheAustralianBlueEnsign 1946 The Canadian Red Ensign Flag Proposal 1948 The Australian Royal Airforce Sky Blue Ensign 1953 TheAustralianBlueEnsign 1957 The Canadian Red Ensign 1957 The Canadian T Blue Ensign T. All 1964 The Canadian Maple Leaf Design Proposal

The change of flag was forced upon Canada by the Liberal government despite the popularity of the much loved Canadian Red Ensign (my personally favourite flag). If a referendum had occurred on the flag change it may have likely failed like the case with New Zealand. See the Great Canadian Flag Debate:

1965 The Canadian Maple Leaf 1967 The Australian White Ensign 1968 A. The New Zealand White Ensign 1968 B. The Canadian White Ensign 1982 The Australian Royal Airforce Sky Blue Ensign 1982 The Canadian Royal Sky Blue Ensign (Airforce Ensign)


150th Dominion (Canada) Day

I wish all Canadian’s a Happy Dominion Day.

Since today is Canada’s 150th Dominion Day I have put together the following chart highlighting the historical ties between the United Kingdom and Canada. Please feel free to share and distribute it.

Canada Dominion Day

Canada – Kanata (Iroquoian) means “Settlement, Village or Land".

On this day 150 years ago (1st of July 1867) Canada became a Dominion of the British Empire. A Dominion is an “autonomous Community with the British Empire". In other words a political equal to the United Kingdom equal in status and in no way subordinate in any aspect. Dominions are united by common allegiance to the Crown and freely associated as members of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Desiderantes Meliorem Patriam
They desire a better country

A Mari Usque Ad Mare
He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth

And for Dominion Day my Canadian Red Ensign is out flying. Another grey sky in Glasgow, Scotland.

Philip Yip




Improvements in Windows Update

With Windows 10 Build 15063 Microsoft have made updating more flexible for Windows 10 Pro.

Active hours now has a maximum of 18 hours opposed to 12:

There is now the Current Branch for Business (which gives more of an emphasis on Security opposed to Feature Updates and gives only thoroughly tested Updates):

There is the option to pause updates for a week. This means you can safely set up your computer for an overnight measurement/render/simulation without worrying about Windows 10 auto-restarting:

For more details see Managing Windows Update in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Build 15063, Version 1703, RS2, Creator’s Update Guides

Windows 10 RS2 Build 15063/Version 1703/Creator’s Update

Your OEM Product Keys

Windows 10 RS2 installation media is multi-Edition and will automatically input the SLP key from the MSDM for all the following OEM licenses:


This installation media will also accept the Windows 7 Product Key from the COA:

Windows 7 COA

For more details about your Product Key see:

The following is just a demonstration proving that Windows 7 OEM and Windows 8.x OEM keys still act as Windows 10 OEM keys as you may be told elsewhere that the Free Upgrade is over:

Installation Guide – Download and Clean Install (from Windows)

Installation Guides – Download and Upgrade Install (from Windows)

The Upgrade Install only works for a system running Windows 7, Windows 8.x or an earlier build of Windows 10. Upgrade Installs are not supported on Windows Vista.

Installation Guides – Download and Clean Install (from Linux)

Windows 7

Variant A – Downloading installation media from Dell (Dell only Intel Based Skylake systems with Windows 7 Pro OEM Downgrade Rights).

Variant B Downloading installation media from Microsoft (All OEMs).

Windows Vista Reaches End of Life

End of OS Support

  • 11 Apr 2017: Windows Vista reaches End of Life and no security patches will be released since. See here for more details.
  • 08 Apr 2014: Windows XP reached End of Life (>3 years ago) and no security patches have been released since. See here for more details.

End of Browser Support

  • 27 Sep 2016: FireFox 53 Drops support for Windows Vista and Windows XP see here for more details.
  • 12 Jan 2016: Support for all versions of Internet Explorer except for Internet Explorer 11. See here for more details.
  • 01 May 2016: Google have just dropped support for Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Some How to Tutorial Videos

A assortment of new tutorial videos I’ve made.

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