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There have been numerous Touchpad issues with the release of Windows 8 and Windows 10. Although the Windows 7 drivers can be installed in Windows 10 or Windows 8 its been reported that the device doesn’t function completely. Especially for scrolling or in some cases the Touchpad becomes completely unresponsive. Dell are unlikely to update the Touchpad drivers for systems they have not stated to support Windows 10. For those with older hardware they are simply left unsupported. Windows 10 will install a generic driver from 2006 which will in most cases give the Touchpad limited functionality. Although the Windows Vista/7 driver for the Touchpad is customised for the Touchpad, it often won’t install properly with Windows 10 rejecting the driver and preferring its own generic one. This can lead to hindered performance regarding the Touchpad.

Due to all the previous issues with OEMs and Touchpads there is a future push for Microsoft to natively support new Touchpads, so called “Precision Touchpads” going forward. However there have been some similar issues on these devices also… and it won’t help for those with older hardware which this guide is focused on.

The last iteration of Windows 10 Touchpad drivers released before the inbuilt Precision Touchpads were pushed through often work with older Touchpads much better than the generic 2006 driver. However in most cases the installer will reject the hardware, it therefore has to be force installed via the Device Manager. Attempt to use the latest Dell Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Devices with Synaptics Touchpads and the latest Dell Alps Touchpad Drivers for Devices with Alps Touchpads. This covers the bulk of Dell models but there are one or two with a Cypress or Elan Touchpads. Extraction of the old Touchpad Driver listed by Dell for your specific model should allow you to determine if your Touchpad is Synaptics or Alps. If unsure try the Synaptics one first and then the Alps one second using the procedure outlined.

Note getting the latest correct Touchpad driver in terms of unofficial driver sets can be a bit difficult and requires a bit of experimentation. I recommend trying with the newest .exe first and if it doesn’t work then go for the older versions. I have listed all the versions I have found so far and Dell’s OS compatibility. This may take several versions to test on your specific model.

Please note I am an individual, not Dell and not an organisation and as a consequence don’t have access to all Dell Hardware to test.

Please comment on your findings so I can update the list at the bottom which is populated by other people’s testing on their models.

If someone has tested your model and decided to stick with an older driver then they probably have a working solution… however perhaps never tried the latest driver (I update this page quite often). You may want to experiment with the latest driver or fall back on their findings.

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Extract the Windows 10 Driver

Double click the driver:


Accept the User Account Control:


Select Extract:


Select Downloads and make a new folder, call it Touchpad:

18 19

Select ok and then close:


Go to the Downloads folder and select the extracted Touchpad folder:


Look for the 64 Bit folder (assuming you’re using 64 Bit Windows 10):


Select the address of the Download location and right click it then left click copy:


Note if you do not see a separate x64 or x86 and only see a .exe after extracting. You may have to further extract using a utility like 7zip (I advise 7zip version 9.20 because it works better in my testing):


Then you can look in the extracted folder:


To find the x64 folder with the drivers:

27 28

You can then copy this address like before:


Force the Install via the Device Manager

For best results remove any USB mouse attached to the system.

Right click the Start Button and Select Device Manager:


Expand Mice and other Pointing Devices, select “PS/2 Compatible mouse” or “Dell Touchpad” or any other similar devices and then right click:


Select properties:


Select the Driver tab


You will be told the driver version and date. In this case the generic 2006 Microsoft driver is used. Select update driver…


Select Browse my computer for driver software:


Select let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer:


Select Have Disk:


Paste in the 64 Bit extracted location then select ok:


Left click the Dell Touchpad and select next:


Accept yes at the warning:


The driver will install:


Select close:


You will see the driver version of the touchpad has now been updated:


Select yes to restart:


Test the Touchpad!

Play around and see how it works and how stable it is.

There have been numerous problems with TouchPad drivers in Windows 8 and 10 so I would appreciate it if you left feedback in the comments on what Touchpad driver works best for you in your system.

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Video Instructions

This video is made by RedDragonTechUK. Watch it on YouTube and leave him a like and a comment:





Inspiron Laptop

Inspiron 1420 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Noname Alps 8.1200.101.209

Inspiron 1464 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Juan Alps 8.1200.101.209

Inspiron 1526 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by James Alps 8.1200.101.217

Inspiron 1545 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by LES Alps 8.1200.101.217

Inspiron 1564 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by ShawnW Alps 8.1200.101.217

Inspiron 3152 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by TK Synaptics (Manual Install via the Device Manager).

Inspiron 3421 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Biren Synaptics (Manual Install via the Device Manager).

Inspiron 3451 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by TheShmulie Synaptics 19.5.2 (Manual Install via the Device Manager).

Inspiron 3537 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Dell Synaptics

Inspiron 3737 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Dell Synaptics

Inspiron 5523 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Atreyu Synaptics

Inspiron 5537 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Dell Synaptics

Inspiron 5558 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Hassan al-baghdadi Synaptics 19.15.2

Inspiron 5737 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Dell

Inspiron 6400/E1505 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Neato Synaptics

Inspiron 7520 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Dell with Elan

Inspiron 7568 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Delight Synaptics

Inspiron 9400/E1705 – Windows 10 64 Bit Untested but should share the same driver as the 6400 Synaptics

Inspiron N5010 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Varley Synaptics (Manual Install via the Device Manager).

Latitude Laptop

Latitude D620 – Windows 10 64 Bit Untested Likely Alps 8.1200.101.217

Latitude D630 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Philip Yip and David Gutman Alps 8.1200.101.217

Latitude D820 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Philip Yip Alps 8.1200.101.217

Latitude D830 – Windows 10 32/64 Bit Tested by Nomen Nescio Alps 8.1200.101.217

Latitude E5420 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Bernie Oliver Alps 8.1206.101.118

Latitude E5510 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested By Philip Yip Alps 8.1205.101.115

Latitude E5520 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by W 8.1206.101.112 Note I would expect the 8.1206.101.115 version to work as it worked in the E5510.

Latitude E6410 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Luke Siragusa Alps 10.1207.101.109

Latitude E6510 – Windows 1- 64 Bit Tested by Laszlo Alps 8.1200.230

Latitude E6420 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Jim Baker Alps 10.1207.101.109

Precision Laptop

Precision M6600 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Alexander Alps 10.1207.101.113

Studio Laptop

Studio 1555 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by pkway with Synaptics

Studio 1747 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Buddey with Synaptics by installation via the Device Manager.

Vostro Laptop

Vostro 1520 – Windows 10 64 Bit Untested (but similar to 1720) with Alps (Manual Install via the Device Manager).

Vostro 1720 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Floh with Alps (Manual Install via the Device Manager).

Vostro 3330 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Henry with Synaptics (Manual Install via the Device Manager).

Vostro 3558 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Thomas Yanez with Synaptics 19.15.2 (Manual Install via the Device Manager).

Vostro 3560 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Dell with Elan

Vostro 3700 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Jimmy Synaptics

Vostro V131 – Windows 100 64 Bit Tested by ysiu with Synaptics (Manual Install via the Device Manager).

XPS Laptop

XPS 1530 – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by R with Alps 8.1200.101.217

XPS L421x – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Dell Synaptics

XPS L501x – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by RedDragonUKTech with Synaptics 19.15.2 (Manual Install via the Device Manager).

XPS L502x – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Mark Finney Synaptics 19.15.2

XPS L511z – Windows 10 64 Bit Cypress

XPS L321x – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Dell Cypress – If you test Cypress on this model let me know.

XPS L322x – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by AndriiT Cypress

XPS L521x – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by AZ Roach Synaptics

XPS L702x – Windows 10 64 Bit Tested by Jim Synaptics (Manual Install via the Device Manager).

XPS M1210 – Windows 7 64 Bit? Tested by Maxwachtel Synaptics

XPS M1330 – Windows 7 64 Bit Tested by Romulus Synaptics

XPS M1530 – Windows 7 64 Bit Untested Likely Synaptics

XPS M1710 – Windows 7 Tested by Deomandinka Synaptics 10.1.2

XPS M1730 – Windows 7 64 Bit Untested Likely Synaptics

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277 thoughts on “Dell Touchpad Drivers

  1. hi, i’m using dell vostro 3458 and which is the best driver that is compatible with my laptop. I couldn’t figure it out and it’s not working on my laptop which i preinstalled

  2. What is the best for Inspiron 5558, note that i installed the official one and it’s working but with no extra features (like scroll, multi-touch, etc…)

  3. Synaptics Touchpad – 19.15.2 Windows 10 64 Bit — not installing on vostro 3450 (Windows 10 enterprise x64). It just say installed successfully but it doesn’t install actually. Plz help.

  4. Dell Precision M6500.
    After update from Win7 to Win10 driver do not work correctly.
    Which driver I can use?

    1. I’m not too sure and don’t have that model, you will need to try the Synaptics versions in a bit of trial and error. Dell are unlikely to release a new driver for that model.

  5. Sir, I am confuse about suitable version for my laptop. Can you please help me to find out the right one?
    Laptop model: Dell vostro 3450
    OS: Windows 10 Enterprise (x64)
    I am facing scrolling problem on metro apps, MS edge and start menu with the version Synaptics Touchpad It worked perfectly on windows 8.1 enterprise (x64).
    I tried some of the very latest versions from your given list but not installed.

    1. This is just a list of the Synaptics drivers from Dell, you will need to try them in a trial and error as I don’t have all the Dell laptops to personally test what works.

      1. Sir, I tried all those driver. Only 14.0.2 to version installed on my laptop. Other versions ( to 19.15.2) didn’t install even in compatibility mode. In the end, those drivers couldn’t solve my problem. I appreciate any other option (like regedit or gpedit or something) from you to solve my problem. Thank you.

    2. I also have dell vostro 3450 with winows 10 enterprise. But non of those drivers worked for me. Everything is working except mutitouch genstures. Are you having issue with normal funcions or is it just gestures for you too.

  6. My Alps Touchpad on a Dell E6420 ATG with Windows 8.1 works well with driver version 7.1208.101.124. I Tried some newer drivers (don’t remember the versions), but they didn’t als well as this driver from 2011.

  7. how can I found out if the dell d830 touchpad is defect or not? I have a Dell D830 but I cannot get the touchpad working. I have already tried the original driver which is offered on the dell website: Versie,A03

    And also the driver that is mentioned as the latest driver which is confirmed to be working with this older model.

    Both did not solve the issue. In device manager, the touchpad is under the ‘hidden devices’. Wich a yello exclamation mark. The problem is code 28: the device is not working properly, or not all drivers are installed.

    I would like to fix this, instead of buying another used touchpad from ebay. (I am trying to make this notebook ready for people who do not have the money to buy a computer themself.

    1. Alps TouchPad – 8.1200.101.217 – Windows 10 32/64 Bit Worked fo me on a D830 Windows 10 64. The scrolling wasn’t working on 10.1207.101.102 – Windows 10 32/64 Bit

  8. Dell XPS 13 2012 (L321x)
    Cypress Touchpad – Windows 10 (Dell list as works like a dream.

    Thank you so much for saving me from installing CAB drivers myself.

    1. Same for me, XPX 13 (L321X) with Cypress Touchpad works perfectly after installation of “Cypress Touchpad – Windows 10 (Dell list as” (see list above). Before installation there was no pointer at all after installation of Windows 10. Thanks for the brilliant list.

  9. for dell vostro 1450 model windows 10 which driver would be better for me?
    can u help me to choose the suitable driver ??

  10. Latitude E6510 – Used 8.1206.101.118. Issue was that scrolling on the right side of the touchpad didn’t work out of the box with the Windows 10 update. With this driver I’m happy; the scrolling does not work the same, but now anywhere on the pad with 2 fingers. I’ll get used to this. Thanks for this site.

  11. Hi,
    I have an acer gateway laptop with windows 10 in it, my question is will synaptics 19.15.2 Windows 10 64 Bit work on my laptop(since its from an other manufacturer).

    1. The latest driver that works is a bit of trial and error in Dell systems.

      For your Acer honestly I don’t know as I don’t have any non-Dell systems.

  12. For my DELL XPS M1330, running Windows 10 Pro final release, the “Synaptics Touchpad – 16.2.21 Windows 7 32 Bit” suits perfect even in modern apps Scrolling works like a charm.
    (…after days of testing…and many cups of coffee…)

    1.Step: If another Synaptics driver is installed, uninstall it and reboot system to get it clean!
    2.Step: Right click “setup.exe” and select “Solving compatibility problems”
    3.Step: Install version above by clicking “Test settings…” and after setup save compatibility settings and reboot your system again
    4.Step: After reboot in the settings activate h-/ and v-scrolling.
    5.Step: Enjoy!
    Good luck!

    Btw: This driver doesn’t suit only Win7-32 but also Win7-64/Win8-32/Win8-64.

  13. hi sir,
    i have dell inspiron 15 3542 with windows 8.1… i was finding better touchpad driver for my laptop. i downloaded Synaptics Touchpad – Windows 7 and 8.1 32/64 Bit from your website and it worked for me. thanks a lot sir 🙂

  14. Thanks for posting links to the drivers. The 10.1207.101.102 version was installed on a Latitude E5410 successfully. Manual installation, where I selected the specific driver and location (“Have Disk,” etc.) was utilized (automated setup did not change driver). Alps Touchpad was hanging after Windows 10 was installed — no hanging since Alps 10.1207.101.102 driver was installed.