Latitude D620 – Windows 7 and 10

System Upgrades

Service Manual

Ensure you reference your service manual before carrying out upgrades:

The most recommended upgrade for this system is a Solid State Drive, here is my affiliate link to Crucial here. If purchasing a SSD or Memory Upgrade please use these links as I will get a tiny bit of commission which will help fund my guides.

SSD Drive Upgrade

Memory Upgrade:

This system supports 4 GB of RAM (2×2 GB Modules) with 3.25 GB usable. This can also be purchased using the affiliate link above.

Operating System

It is recommended to install Windows 10 on this system see Windows OEM FAQs and Downloads. The Windows Vista OEM or Windows XP Product Key won't be compatible with Windows 10 Installation Media however you can run Windows 10 Unlicensed. Windows 10 will have most of the system drivers required inbuilt however you can install the Windows 7 Drivers if you have any unknown Devices in the Device Manager.

Note 64 Bit compatibility depends on the processor installed and as the system maxes out at 3.25 GB RAM there is little advantage of 64 Bit over 32 Bit on this model.

Drivers and Downloads for Windows 7

Legacy BIOS

System Utilities (Windows 7 Only)

Chipset (Windows 7)

Card Reader

Video (Windows 7 Only)

Communications (Windows 7 Only)

Not all systems have a modem. If the Driver fails to install, there is no need to try and install the rest in this category.


Dell Wireless Cards

Audio (Windows 7 Only)

Check the Architecture of the link and then select download.



9 thoughts on “Latitude D620 – Windows 7 and 10

  1. Help please. I never upgraded my Del Latitude 620 to Windows 7 because my cd player does not read there is a cd in it. So I could not save pictures, etc., like the Win 7 instructions said to do. I brought it to a person, I was told was a computer fixer, but it came back worse and he never did anything. Well actually he told me he removed the 1.5 gig and replaced it with a 2. Just because he had never seen one before and wanted it. ): After that i never tried again or let anyone else. Here I am today, a few years later , and my Del is failing quickly. I actually have a different computer guy coming tonight who says he can upgrade my computer and get the drivers up to date. BUT after reading the first part of this article it sounds impossible to do. Or very complicated at best and probably costly. This guy has a small busuness repairing and selling computers. He said he would charge only $25 to do it. I mean IS IT POSSIBLE?? I don't want to be taken advantage of . I can do a lot of things but computers….I just have NO clue. Has anyone reading this been able to upgrade a Del 620 to a good working computer. (I only use it to watch Hulu and a little googling) Can you email me the steps of how to do it. PLEASE don't send smart a$$ remarks. I can't afford a NEW computer. I'm just trying to do the best I can with what I have. I'm asking for help, please don't bully me. Thank you for your kind help.

    1. You don't need to use CD/DVDs to backup data in fact I would advise against doing so as its become pretty much obsolete these days. You can get an external hard drive or USB flash drives for fairly cheap these days…

      Assuming you are running Windows XP or Windows Vista both are now pretty much at end of life, You won't get Windows 7 for that price and in any case Windows 7 is pretty much beginning to be phased out for Windows 10… You can take the Unofficial 10130 Windows Insider Upgrade path to make your system a Windows 10 Pro Device for free.

      First though as you mentioned problems its recommend to run F12 preboot diagnostics and cheap the systems hardware:

      I demonstrate the procedure here and in video here:

      I use a Latitude D820 for the demonstration which is pretty much the same system as the Latitude D620 except it has a larger screen.

    2. FB=jw159666,

      Christina I wish you lived local, I hate seeing people being taken advantage of and love working on PC's as a hobby. The average PC tech I have dealt with believes in format first as a quick fix, and I back up and troubleshoot to fix issues. I work on Donations accepted basis unless it would require parts. I enjoy taking time to explain how to do things to maybe learn yourself,

  2. Thank you for your reply. The computer guy that was supposed to come this evening did not. And did not respond to my email. It looks as if i may have to try to do this myself afterall. Im am completely lost when it comes to computer terms, funtions, the difference between a program and an app, what everything does and how to do it. Its very, very confusing for me. But I will read the instructions you sent. Maybe try to get it printed somewhere. I just have a couple questions. Did you mean to say: "keep the systems hardware.?" Will you keep in touch with me if I need help? I have the next few days off, I'm going to devote the majority of my time to this. I'm glad you said to skip windows 7 and go right to 10. I thought I HAD to install 7 first.

    1. You don't need to follow the section on replacing the optical drive and hard drive. That was just a recommended upgrade when SSDs were more expensive per GB. You can still swap the HDD for the likes of a 250 GB BX200 SSD if you want but it will work also without any hardware swaps.

  3. I appreciate your advice, but this is really too complicated for me. I have know idea what you just said. I read the blogs between people talking about installing the windows 10 on a Del xp. Some say you can, some say you can't, others say you have to have windows 7 first and then go to Windows 10, it's free to up grade, you have to buy it, you have to have a key, you have to download and try all sorts of versions of this or that. Its just too, too much. Way over my head, way over any technical knowledge I can even fathom. And now something else went bad on my Del 620. I can no longer get the internet. This happened just last night before i could try anything. The little icon disappeared and I'm assuming that driver went bad. So now I can't do anything. I've been using an android like a laptop to research all this and contact you all. I'm just screwed 6 way to sundown. Again thanks for your help and advice, but I need someone who can sit down infront of my computer and getting working right. That person is just not me.

    1. Windows 10 is a free upgrade from windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Insider Preview Build 10130. Build 10130 can be installed on any Dell shipped with Windows Vista or a Late Windows XP system and installs with a generic product key. Its an unofficial guide and hence is a bit more complicated than my regular guides.

      Otherwise the cost of a Windows 7 or Windows 10 license isn't worth the cost of this hardware… It would be better spent on a second hand Latitude E series with an affixed Windows 7 OEM license (which will upgrade to Windows 10 for free if carried out before the end of this month). You'll essentially pay the same price and get newer hardware e.g. a Latitude E5510, E6410, E6510.

  4. my laptop opereting system is 32 bit it can be run the window 8.1 please help me how is it install any one can help mr

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