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The installer for ImgBurn unfortunately includes the Open-Candy Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) which was rampant in the days of Windows Vista, Open Candy was included in a lot of software installers as essentially embedded advertisements are in websites. Instead of displaying an advert, it would install an additional program such as a game. This practice has been abolished by Microsoft for later Windows Versions and any installers that carry out this process are flagged up. Unfortunately the installer for ImgBurn was never updated to remove this. 

That being said it is still an extremely useful program and this junk can be avoided by using a custom installation. Launch the .exe.


Select next


Accept the agreement


Select Next


Select Next


Select Next

7 Here ensure that you do not select the "Express Install (recommended)" which is actually unrecommended.


Select custom install (advanced) and uncheck all Linkury which will install a toolbar, change your search provider and homepage. Essentially it will hijack your browser(s).


Next ensure that you do not select the "Express Install (recommended)" which again is unrecommended.


Again uncheck the box to install the prebundled TuneUp Utilities 2014. This is a TuneUp program which in my opinion often does more harm than good. Such programs will tell you have x registry errors and opt to fix 3 and get you to pay up to fix the rest. They usually kill the performance of the PC. Select next.


ImgBurn will install.


It will then ask you whether you want to periodically check for a newer version. Here I usually select No.


The setup is then completed and you may select close.

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  1. Greetings sir,
    Just want to know the steps to create a bootable ISO with the help of Imgburn for the sake of knowledge purpose only.

    Thanks in advance.

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