Windows 10: Windows XP/Vista → Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Systems sold within the first year of the release of Windows 7 had a Free Upgrade to Windows 7. These systems typically had a SMBIOS of 2.5. For these systems the OEM typically released a BIOS Update which updated the SLIC from 2.0 to 2.1 and this makes the system eligible for Windows 7 OEM System Locked Preinstallation. You can then install and activate Windows 7 32 Bit and generate a genuine ticket to activate a clean install of Windows 10 32 Bit. More details are about this are available Updating your BIOS in Windows Vista and Checking the SLIC Version. If the systems SLIC remains at 2.0 you can still install Windows 10 without a Product Key. This will leave your system unlicensed with it watermarked to the bottom right hand corner and you will be restricted when it comes to some settings but otherwise it is fully usable and more functional than Windows Vista. It will also be patched and be safer to use online. See Windows OEM FAQs and Downloads for more details on clean installing Windows 10 Home 32 Bit (note when making media this system will be a Legacy System).

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  1. My findings show that people can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free if they use assistive technologies. But Microsoft isn't asking for proof or doing any checks if one is actually using assitive technologies on their computer. But even if one lied, I don't know if you could still run this installer over Windows 10 build 10130 and essentially still make is a free upgrade past July 29th 2016. I'm willing to experiment just for the heck of it and to be of a help to those who have Windows XP/Vista and still wish to upgrade free. Hope this is of any help and looks like all Windows 7/8 users won't have issues performing the installer from their website.

      1. Glad it still works! I'm glad that I could be a help in informing that there is no Windows 10 upgrade deadline yet for people needing assistive technologies. As I said before, the installer doesn't check if any assistive technologies are being used. I was saying earlier that I was hoping this scenario would allow installation over Windows 10 beta build 10130. Thanks for taking the time to test it to see if such scenario would work and that it would activate. Microsoft can take down the Windows 10 free upgrade for assistive technologies any time but they would make a public announcement before they do so. In the mean time, people can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free after the deadline!

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