I made a video tutorial of creating a website/blog with WordPress using the Block Editor.

I go through:

  • Discussing blocks
  • Text Block
  • Images Block (Images Inline)
  • Gallery (a Gallery of Images)
  • Slideshow (Pictures as a Slideshow)
  • Text and Image
  • A GIF
  • Download Link, Button and File
  • Uploading YouTube Videos
  • Making a List
  • Making a Table
  • Adding Social Media Links (Not Working Properly)
  • Adding Custom HTML e.g. an Advert
  • Adding Code
  • Adding Symbols using Windows 10's Emoji Panel
  • Adding a Map
  • Adding Open Hours
  • Adding a Contact Form
  • Discusses Permanent Pages and a Wall of Posts
  • Creating/Updating a Table of Contents (Pages)
  • Changing Theme
  • Adding a Widget to the Sidebar

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