Windows 10 not Shutting Down

Many Dell systems (and other OEMs) are not shutting down, restarting or coming out of standby correctly after the upgrade to Windows 10 TH1. When the system does not shutdown properly the display goes black but you can hear the system fans run in the background and the battery drains. You have to hold down the power button for 10 seconds to power it down fully. Then you can power it back up.

This seems mainly due to the Intel Management Engine Interface in particular driver version (Windows 10 TH1) or (Windows 10 TH2).

The latest driver by Intel is available here version

Installation on my Inspiron 7347 gives me version which seems to reduce the issue but not fix it entirely.

The Inspiron 7347 Drivers and Downloads Page has been updated to a driver with version

This driver seems to work on many Dell's with the same issue. My Latitude 7350 for instance lists as the latest driver. Installation of the driver from the Inspiron 7347 gives it version

Likely the same fix should apply to all of these systems:

  • Inspiron 3137/3421/3422/3437/3458/3542/3543/3558
  • Inspiron 5423/5439/5458/5488/5459/5548/5558/5559/5748/5749/5758/5749
  • Inspiron 7437/7447/7537/7547/7548/7558/7737/7746
  • Latitude 7350
  • Vostro 3449/3458/3459/3466/3546/3549/3558/3559
  • Vostro 5480
  • XPS 9333/9343

If installation of the driver from the Inspiron 7347 does not work you can use the following (less ideal) workarounds.

To prevent this issue from reoccuring  Disable "Turn on Fast Startup". Right click the Start Button and select Power Options → System Settings.

Also disable Intel Management Engine Interface in the Device Manger. This should do the trick but hopefully there will be a new driver that doesn't exhibit these issues.

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