Flags of the Anglosphere

A Tribute to the Anglosphere

Momentum is returning for CANZUK that is to strengthen the relation between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (CANZUK). It is glaring obvious that these nations share a strong history, culture and tradition. The flags of these nations reflect this fact. A huge movement is in place to reunite us see CANZUK International and Sign the petition to allow free movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.


To honour this idea, I have made a chart of Anglosphere flags promoting the historical links of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The United States also has a close linkage although not as close as CANZUK. Feel free to Download this image (its designed to be A0) and share it across social media.

Differences in the UK to Europe

The British joined the ECC as a trading bloc in 1973. At the time the public were duped into trading with their nearest neighbours and making some trading standards. This eventually became the EU – a political union in 1993. Being 5 at that time such was the World I was brought up in…

Most Europeans these days see Britain as a small island off the coast of mainland Europe with rainy weather. They seen us as quite stubborn for doing things our own way…

Here is a list of typical British things which annoy Europeans:

1. Driving on the left


Driving on the left meant that your sword hand was free to attack any opponent approaching you in the opposite direction. Napolean ordered his troops to drive on the right so their shield hand was free to defend against the British. As a consequence all of Europe drives on the wrong side of the road.

2. Two Taps


Cold water was used for drinking whereas hot water may have been used for heating. Hot water therefore has a higher chance of contamination and the taps are kept as 2 separate streams.

3. The British Plug


We have British standards for plugs as well.

4. Half-Imperial and Half-Metric Britain


5. The Pound £

Image result for britain kept the pound

Britain refused to adopt the €. The pound sterling is the world's oldest currency still in use. It was originally equivalent to 1 pound weight of silver where it gets its name.



Although Britain joined the ECC which eventually became the EU. Politically and culturally it often had more in common with the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand i.e. the Anglosphere. The British were unhappy being shackled to the ideals of this political union as well as having their immigration policy mandated via Brussels. In 2016 there was a referendum with all mainstream media, politicians and polls heavily biased towards REMAIN. However they seriously under-estimated the pull of the Anglosphere on the UK. It has often been stated that the number 1 ally for the UK is the USA and that there is a "special relationship". However the most favourable countries in the world according to the British are Canada, Australia and New Zealand. These opinions are reciprocated across the 4 nations. These nations don't see each other as allies but rather as kith and kin. The British public ignored the lies of the mainstream media and politicians with 52 % voted for LEAVE thus securing a BREXIT victory.


Admittedly my generation are a little more confused about this as politicians have unfortunately successfully wedged the 4 nations apart more than we should have allowed.


Unfortunately Canada changed their national flag after a divisive debate. Personally I think their 1957 Canadian Red Ensign is a far superior flag. Most provincial flags strongly relate favourably back to the UK however.



As Prime Minister, I will actively pursue a Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand trade and security pact, including freedom to live, work, and invest in these countries.
With a common language and deep historical ties, a stronger relationship with these Commonwealth partners is a no brainer.




A really nice poem I came across regarding the Australian flag (made me proud to be British).

Our flag bears the stars that blaze at night
In our southern sky of blue
And that little old flag in the corner
That's part of our heritage too,
It's for the English, the Scots and the Irish
Who were sent to the end of the earth
The rogues and the schemers and dreamers
Who gave our Australia its birth.

And you who are shouting to change it
You don't seem to understand
It's the flag of our laws and language
Not the flag of a far away land
There are plenty of people who'll tell you
How when Europe was plunged into night
The little old flag in the corner
Was their symbol of freedom and light.

It don't mean we owe our allegiance
To a forgotten imperial dream
We've the stars to show where we're going
And the old flag to show where we've been
It's only an old piece of bunting
It's only an old coloured rag
But there are thousands who died for its honor
And fell in defence of our flag.

New Zealand

Another really nice poem. New Zealand didn't change their flag…

Why Change The New Zealand Flag?

Our Flag is representative of history and place.
Four stars show our position underneath the Southern Cross;
The Union Jack recalls the early settlers’ British race
and our status as a Colony before the Empire’s loss.

The Royal Blue reminds that all around us ocean lies,
so our country is protected by the ramparts of the sea.
It also signifies the purity of country skies
and our determination to remain forever free.

The design became official on 12 June 1902
but was flown as the New Zealand Flag for several years before.
It evolved from the Blue Ensign that our Royal Navy flew
and was first borne by our troops in the South African Boer War.

From Antarctica to Everest and even to the Moon
this symbol of our Country went with dignity and pride.
At Olympic Games and other International Sport it’s flown
and over many battlefields where valiant men have died.

Politicians come and governments go, their tenure is but brief;
elections happen regularly every three short years.
I hope that their attempts to change our flag will come to grief
so our honoured “Jack and Stars” will still prevail through joy or tears.

Hugh Wyles, August 29th.2005. https://allpoetry.com/poem/1479994-Why-Change-The-New-Zealand-Flag–by-Hugh-Wyles

New Zealand Auckland Airport:


Changes in the New Zealand Passport over time:

New Zealand passports since 1948


United Kingdom

The 2nd Union Flag is commonly referred to as the Union Jack…


The British Empire in the 1920's certainty "Britannia Ruled the Waves".



Further Reading

I will list some positive articles:

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