Windows 7 Service Pack 1

This is a Legacy Page. See here for the latest guide.

The Latest Service Pack for Windows 7 is Service Pack 1 and the latest version of Internet Explorer is Internet Explorer 11. You should also install the latest Microsoft .Net Framework, SilverLight, Security Essentials and its Latest Definitions.

WSUS Offline Update

Its recommended to use this utility which downloads all the updates for your version of Windows and saves them to a folder. You then copy the folder to the computer after the clean install and launch the updater. This will automatically fully update Windows opposed to just installation of the service packs.

Service Pack 1


The Latest Internet Explorer Build is Internet Explorer 11

The standalone version of IE11 won't install without the following 5 standalone updates (with 2 optional) which need to be installed prior to Windows 7 Service Pack 1:

I'm not sure why Microsoft didn't include them in the standalone installer.

The standalone IE11 files are available here:

Microsoft .Net Framework

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Security Essentials


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