Windows XP



Windows XP

Windows XP Reached End of Life in April 2014… however it was a widely used Operating System and is sometimes required for Legacy Software.

Last Dell to Run Windows XP

The OptiPlex 7010 is the last Dell to run Windows XP and for this reason this is likely one of Dell’s most popular models. There are four configurations, and although no longer sold by Dell many of these are being placed on Amazon second hand as large businesses migrate to Windows 10 (I’ll give affiliate US and UK links below, if you use these, it will help me cover the costs of running this website).

These systems come with Windows 7 Pro (perhaps with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed by the reseller) however you can perform OEM Downgrade Rights on them to Windows XP Pro.

A Clean Install of Windows XP

These set of guides are for an absolute Clean Install i.e. Securely Wiping your System and Starting Fresh. Follow these guides to Securely Wipe your SSD/HDD/HSSD and use your Windows XP Reinstallation CD/DVD/USB. After Clean Installation it instructs in Driver Installation Order.

Virtualisation of Windows XP

It is sometimes more convenient to install Legacy Versions of Windows in a Virtual Environment. This will instruct you in creating a New Virtual Machine to Install Windows XP Pro on using a modern Host PC with a Windows 10 Pro OEM License. Alternatively it will instruct you in converting the Windows Installation of a Physical Machine into a Virtual Machine.