Microsoft Windows 7 English August 2016 Media Refresh ISO

It appears Microsoft have released Windows 7 Installation ISOs updated until August 2016. These ISOs included IE11 and Framework 4.7.2. They however lack the NVMe hotfixes, storage controllers and USB 3.0 drivers so these will need slipstreamed to allow support for installation on up to 6th Generation Intel hardware.

MD5: 8ce237e3d43ccfb41bfe32ccd4420e10

MD5: 73807bd827432d75348092df86fb1b8d

MD5: 262ff7318b375bdb70fdf84a3f6c3384

MD5: 01cea5b8cc7ff196331c5a8237dfc870

MD5: 89fc10690c99d14e3363d23b3e2f6033

MD5: 73807bd827432d75348092df86fb1b8d

These ISOs lack USB 3.0 support, NVMe hotfixes and storage controllers. These must be slipstreamed alongside additional updates. See here:


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