Useful Programs


Take care when installing any third party software, often software is bundled with so called unwanted programs such as browsers or browser plugins such as toolbars or search providers which target you with adverts. Where possible select advanced installation and do not opt to install these unwanted programs.

Here is a list of software I like.

Windows Enhancements





2 thoughts on “Useful Programs

  1. Really nice and comprehensive tips / guide and info!! Thanks for sharing!

    There was 1 extra step that I had to take to get a freshly installed windows 8.1 registered with an Windows 8.0 upgrade key. I didn't see it mentioned here (I think) I found the solution somewhere else (credits to whoever discovered that but I couldn't find the appropriate link) was that I went to start screen and ran an elevated cmd and typed slmgr /rearm. Reboot and and I was able to enter my serial key.

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