Unlocking the Physical Security ID (PSID) of a Crucial SSD

Unsupported Error Message when Trying to Use Secure Erase with SSD

When I tried to use Dell Data Wipe on my Crucial MX200 SSD I got the following Unsupported error message.

I then tried to use Parted Magic to wipe the SSD

When I selected Secure Erase, my SSD didn’t show up:

The HDD showed but the Crucial MX200 didn’t show:

When I selected PMagic Secure Erase ↓ show all devices:

Then OK

The Crucial SSD showed up but it stated unsupported:

I had wiped another MX200 without a problem so I was wondering what the issue was… It turns out I needed to Revert the PSID.

Tutorial Video

Physical Security ID (PSID)

In order to remove this encryption I needed to revert the PSID. For this I needed to have a look at the SSD to physically inspect it’s label as the label contains the PSID. Take a picture of your PSID:

Once this is done you will need to install your SSDs utility. In this case the Crucial Storage Executive Tool. The Crucial Storage Tool is a Windows Application. It has the following restrictions:

  • It needs to be run on Windows. Having this utility being Bootable to UEFI (and pass SecureBoot) would be better.
  • It needs to be run with a OS Boot Drive different to the one you want to work with. i.e. your system needs to support multiple Drives.
  • Not all Internal Storage Controllers Work… In my testing it worked on an older OptiPlex 790/7010 but not an OptiPlex 7040/7050 or 7060.

If it doesn’t work with your Internal Storage Controller use a StarTech.com USB 3.0 to 2.5″ SATA III Hard Drive Adapter Cable (USB32SATA3CB) in an OptiPlex 7040/7050 and 7060. The cable is available using the affiliate links below:

Download it from here:


Right click the zip file and select Extract All…

Select Extract:

Now launch the setup:

Accept the User Account Control:

The splash screen will show:

Select OK:

Then select Next:

Select Next again:

Accept the License Agreement and Select Next:

Select Next:

Select Next:

Select Next again:

Select Finish and leave the checkbox Enabled to run the Crucial Storage Executive:

You will see the splash screen:

You will then get a Windows Security Alert asking if you want to allow the program past your firewall. You will need to do so to check for firmware updates for your SSD:

The splash screen will show for a moment longer:

You will see your list of drives. Drive0 is the old mechanical HDD in the OptiPlex 390 used:

If you are unsure reference the Serial Number with the label of the drive. If the Latest Firmware is not installed, press the button to begin the Firmware Update:

Select PSID revert to the left hand side. Read the PSID off the label or your picture of the label:

Input your PSID and then select yes perform PSID revert:

Select PSID Revert again:

It will now begin to revert the PSID:

It will inform you the Revert is complete:

The Crucial MX200 does not support Sanitize so I will attempt to use Dell Data Wipe on it. This time it works successfully:

When Secure Erase in Parted Magic is used again, the drive is shown:

I can now use Parted Magic as normal.




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