Switching to Next Windows Release Track



There are essentially three Windows 10 Tiers:

  • Next Windows Release Track
  • Active Development of Windows Track
  • Mainstream Track

The Next Windows Release gives the Latest Test Versions of Windows 10, where you will see the Latest Test Features which haven’t had much testing so far… You should expect things to go wrong using this Track and have the know how to Reinstall Windows or Restore a working System Image should something go wrong.

The Active Development of Windows gives you early updates for the current Windows Version. It is less prone to errors then the Next Windows Release and you should not notice too much difference from the Mainstream Track.

The Mainstream Track should theoretically have been thoroughly tested by Microsoft and Windows Insiders on the Next Windows Release Track and Mainstream Track.

I wanted to change to the Next Release of Windows Track so I changed the options to Skip Ahead to the Next Windows Release:

Unfortunately I got this Error Message:

Your Windows 10 Insider Program Content Settings have reverted. We did this because you selected skip ahead but skip ahead is now closed. You’ll continue to receive updates as usual.

To rectify this we need to use a registry edit:

You need to change the following keys in the location:
Change UIContentType to Skip from Current or Active
Change UIRing to WIF from RP or Active
And change the following key in the location:
Change ContentType to Skip from Current

To help with the Registry Edit, we can take advantage of two new Features in Windows 10, the Paste Clipboard and the Address Bar in the Registry Editor.

Press [Windows] and [ v ] to make sure the Paste Clipboard is Enabled.

Copy each line:

Press [Windows] and [ v ] to make sure everything shows in your Paste Clipboard. Press [Windows] and [ r ] and type in regedit:

Press [Enter] and accept the User Account Control Prompt:

You will be taken into the Registry Editor:

Press [Windows] and [ v ] to open your Paste Clipboard:

Copy and Paste the Address into the Address Bar:

Press [Windows] and [ v ] to open the Paste Clipboard to see what you need to change:

Make the Change in this case changing UIContType to Skip from Active:

Repeat the process for the other keys:

Now close Registry Edit and Restart your Computer:

When you Check for Updates:

You should be offered the Next Windows Release Track:



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