Studio 1737 – Windows 7 and 10

System Upgrades

Service Manual

Ensure you reference your service manual before carrying out upgrades:

The most recommended upgrade for this system is a Solid State Drive, here is my affiliate link to Crucial here. If purchasing a SSD or Memory Upgrade please use these links as I will get a tiny bit of commission which will help fund my guides.

SSD Drive Upgrade

Memory Upgrade:

This system supports 8 GB of RAM (2×4 GB Modules) however 8 GB of DDR2 RAM is more expensive than it is worth.

Operating System

It is recommended to install Windows 10 on this system see Windows OEM FAQs and Downloads. The Windows Vista OEM or Windows XP Product Key won't be compatible with Windows 10 Installation Media however you can run Windows 10 Unlicensed. Windows 10 will have most of the system drivers required inbuilt however you can install the Windows 7 Drivers if you have any unknown Devices in the Device Manager.

Drivers and Downloads for Windows 7

Legacy BIOS

System Utilities (Windows 7 Only)

Chipset (Windows 7)

Card Reader

Video (Windows 7 Only)

This system has two video variants

Communications (Windows 7 Only)

Not all systems have a modem. If the Driver fails to install, there is no need to try and install the rest in this category.



Dell Wireless Cards

Audio (Windows 7 Only)

Check the Architecture of the link and then select download.



25 thoughts on “Studio 1737 – Windows 7 and 10

  1. I'm doing a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit for a friend (He couldn't find his Dell Disks).
    He had a Stroke about 6 months ago and it has effected part of his memory.
    I'm sure this is why he can't remember where his disks are!

    The computer originally came with Win Vista 64 bit but I was able to talk him into moving up to Windows 7.
    I've been looking high and low for certain Drivers and Software for his computer.
    The windows 7 drivers did work but some functions of the computer didn't work.
    I know that this Dell Laptop Computer had Software on it that I'm sure he would want to have back.
    The Dell Webcam Central was one of those programs!

    I was able to find the Webcam Central Software on your site that I had spent almost 24 hours looking for on the Dell Site.
    I think Dell should make their Drivers and Software 100% available for anyone who can enter the Service Tag Number from the computer.
    I'm sure that he would like to have more back but since I've never seen the original programming I'm not sure what's missing.
    He lives in Florida and I live in Indiana and I don't see him that often anymore!

    Thank you very much for the Drivers and Software you have listed here.
    I wish I could Donate to your cause but I'm struggling (on Disability)!
    Between the doctors and bills my check doesn't go far these days!
    Again, thank you very, very much for your time and efforts!

    1. Thanks for commenting I'm glad what I've compiled has helped you and your friend and I hope in 2015 things start looking up for the both of you.

  2. do you know if the final July 2015 version will install on the Studio 1737 w/Win7 64bit and the drivers will work? I know it isn't supported by Dell, but wonder is anyone has it working well anyway.

    1. I don't anticipate any problems on this hardware, I have slightly older hardware a Latitude D820 working without any major issues.

    2. I did the Windows 10 on Dell 1737 and the only problem so far is that Bluetooth is gone. It shows in the bios but not the device manager. Still trying to figure out solution. Wondering if a Bluetooth USB doogle will work.

      1. Disable it in BIOS and then load Windows. Then go back to BIOS and re-enable it. Does it now show?

  3. Yes!! I purchased a Targus USB Adaptor ACB10US1. The Device manager says it's a "Broadcom BCM20702 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Device."

    If you search the Broadcom number on Amazon, you can purchase one quite reasonably, around $15. I don't know what software and drivers will come with it but you can always download Targus' software.

    Right now, I'm using it for a Bluetooth Speaker. I have a Zune with thousands of sounds and Microsoft's Grove player recognizes all of the playlists made in Zune. Who knows, Zune was Microsoft and they made have made Grove an off shoot of the Zune software.

    Anyway, i'm quite satisfied after 1 day. I haven't tried it over about 10 ft away so can't comment on distance.

    Good Luck

    1. Sorry!! That would be Microsoft Groove new in Windows 10 not Grove Player.

  4. Having just spent many hours getting Windows 10 to play nicely on my older Dell Studio 1737, here are some tips to help fellow travelers. Note: I'm using the 64-bit Windows 10 OS after an upgrade from 8.1 Pro and "reset" to scratch.

    To get the fingerprint reader working:
    1. Download and install the 64-bit Windows 7 Authentec AES2810 drivers here:
    * You will find newer drivers above; they don't work with DigitalPersona and none of them work with Windows Hello (the new built-in fingerprint stuff in Windows 10)
    2. Restart the laptop
    3. Download and install DigitalPersona 5.20 here:
    4. Download and install DigitalPersona 6.2.1 here:
    4shared link removed
    * I've archived off copies of these installers and if you can't get them to load, comment and we'll see about getting you a copy. Note that DigitalPersona no longer sells/supports this software. It seems to be abandonware.
    * If this doesn't work for you, you may also need to enable the biometrics functionality. I did this while trying to get Windows Hello to work; it shouldn't be necessary but I don't want to go back and do it all over again to test it. If need be, follow the directions to enable the biometric framework buried in this post:

    To get the Bluetooth module working:
    1. Avoid the Dell Wireless Mini 370 Bluetooth card drivers; W10 actively blocks them.
    2. Download and install the Lenovo Broadcom Windows 10 drivers here:
    * This will magically install the right drivers even for the Dell card.

    Everything else on my Studio 1737 "just worked." Thankfully Windows 10 also restored the correct/expected 1920×1200 resolution for the video–which Windows 8.1 had messed up.

    Note that Windows 10 does not include DVD player or Blu Ray player software/codecs. If you upgraded from 8 or 7, you should have gotten the DVD player app for free. If you reset, you lost it. Google is your friend for options here.

      1. Thank you for sharing all this information; the links for DigitalPersona 6.2.1 don't work; Can you supply new links?

    1. Ben, you say that 'Thankfully Windows 10 also restored the correct/expected 1920×1200 resolution for the video–which Windows 8.1 had messed up.' I also have a 1737 studio and just upgraded from 7.1 Pro to 64-bit Windows 10 OS. Everything on my 1737 is working except the display (I am only given two choices 1024 * 768, and 800*600 in the Personalize/Advanced Display Settings. As you state above, the 1737 is usually at a much higher resolution. I downloaded and ran an Intel Driver Update Utility to see if it would recommend a driver download for the Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family which I think is where I should be looking but it had no recommendations. Do you?

      1. I think the 1737 came with two video options. I couldn't figure out which mine had and I didn't want to open it up. When I installed W10, it autodetected and autoinstalled drivers for an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 as the display adapter. Good luck!

  5. I wrote up a nice long comment with links to get the Fingerpint reader and BT modules working but it looks like WordPress flagged it as spam. Hopefully you can recover it.

  6. Hi, after upgrading my studio 1737 from Windows 7 to Windows 10 everything is working great except the keyboard. I have an external USB keyboard plugged in right now. When I use the laptop keyboard all the keys are typing something other than it's actual key. I have checked sticky keys, removed the driver and restarted the laptop but the driver Windows 10 finds makes the keyboard function as I described. I've searched Dell's website for a driver but could not find one. I google searched the hardware id of the keyboard and that came back with nothing. I'm at a loss here of what to do to get the keyboard to function properly. If anyone has any idea of what I could do to make the keyboard function normally please share. Thank you.

  7. How about Bluetooth for this? Everything else is working well on win 10 64. But Bluetooth is invisible.

  8. Thank you for this website. I have three Dell Studio 1737's and a 1735. I successfully upgraded one of the 1737s from Win 7 to Win 10 in August and have had absolutely no problems or issues. I recently upgraded the 1735 32 bit from Vista to Win 7 without issues and have another 1737 32 bit running Win 7 without issues. (Due to a bad inverter and "blinky" display, it's been designated as our Netflix/Hulu streaming PC and is connected via HDMI cable to the TV.) I just tried to upgrade the last 1737, which was running 64 bit Vista Home premium, to the comparable version of Win 7 64 bit. Things seemed to go well with the exception of some graphics distortion, which, according to one forum, could be corrected with a Bios update. However, the next day during use, the laptop froze and crashed. Now, Windows 7 will not load. I can't boot into Safe Mode, perform a recovery, etc. Nothing. My son tried to do a clean install, but the DVD drive is not responding. We will try restoring by following the instructions here. If that fails, we'll use the parts to fix the one with the bad inverter and chalk it all up to a learning experience.

      1. Thank you. I tried removing just the battery, but not the CMOS battery. I will give that a try tomorrow. In your opinion, could a bad RAM stick or bad RAM slot cause Windows to crash and fail to load in this manner? The reason I am asking is because I stuck a different stick of RAM in the laptop to test the stick. (I was grounded.) With that stick, the laptop failed to turn on at all. I just got a black screen. So, I removed the offending stick and replaced the original. I am fearful that I damaged the slot or the original stick somehow in the process. It was about a half hour to 45 minutes later that the crash occurred. Now, as mentioned, the laptop turns on, but Windows will not load. The message says something like, "A recent change to your hardware or software caused a problem with Windows…"

  9. Thank you for sharing all the information.
    I can't download DigitalPersona 6.2.1 from the link above: can you supply a different link?

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