SSD Tools, Secure Erase, Sanitize, OPAL/PSID Revert

Data Wipe Inbuilt from UEFI BIOS

Newer Dell Business Models have the ability to Securely Wipe All Internal Drives via the UEFI BIOS:

Data Wipe from Bootable USB

For older Dell Business Models, or Dell Home Models or systems from other OEMs one may require to use Bootable Media to Securely Wipe All Internal Drives via the UEFI BIOS. Parted Magic also works with Drives attached using a SATA to USB3.0 Adaptor:

Dell Data Wipe doesn’t work with External Drives of SATA to USB30 Adaptors.

PSID Revert from within Windows or from a Bootable USB

For Crucial Drives the Crucial Storage Executive can be used to perform a PSID Revert and it has the ability to Sanitize Drives. However it has limitations when it comes to SATA to USB3.0 Adapters and in general supports a limited number of storage controllers. It also isn’t Bootable so must be ran within Windows. Sedutil has the advantage when it comes to Storage Controllers support but has a very basic user interface. Sedutil can also be used to make Bootable Media (but does not pass Secure Boot so this will need to temporary be disabled):


DiskPart is inbuilt into Windows and Windows Installation Media and is a utility for removing Partitions on Drives. It also has the ability to Wipe a HDD but it does not use optimal routines for Solid State Drives:

Drive Encryption

Data Recovery


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