Repartitioning your Hard Drive with EaseUs Partition Manager

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Note: It is recommended that you back up all your data on an external hard drive before proceeding. It is rare for something to go wrong here but if it does the data on your drive may be irrecoverable.

Note: Repartitioning the hard drive will loose the Dell Factory Image.

For this you will need to download and install

This software is free for Home use only, for commercial use a license must be purchased. Care should be taken when using this system utility.

This program is an extremely easy to use tool for carrying out hard drive operations.

Once installed run it and select  yes at the UAC prompt. In the first screen you will get the option to view the user guide or to go to the main screen.


Your harddrives and their partitions will be listed. In addition at the bottom the partition sizes. Operations may be carried out by moving the sliders on each disk (near the bottom).

For example if I wanted to make F: (200 GB opposed to 100 GB)

I would first need to click on C: (And move the slider so the size is 731.20 GB opposed to 831.20 GB


Then I would first need to click on F: (And move the slider so the size is 200.00 GB opposed to 100.00 GB).


Then I would first need to click on F: (And move the slider so the size is 200.00 GB opposed to 100.00 GB).


You may carry out several operations by right clicking on each partition.


Many of these buttons are listed at the top also. Of particular interest is the Delete and Merge Buttons.


When you are done setting up your partitions, select Apply to the top left. The computer will reboot and the program will make the requested adjustments.

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8 thoughts on “Repartitioning your Hard Drive with EaseUs Partition Manager

  1. how about on a wiped out eide laptop hard that i used to wipe it out with
    can't loaded anything without windows

    1. This is a utility which is setup within Windows and then performs the operations outwith Windows. If you are using an IDE laptop and want to install Windows on it, you'll need a Windows Reinstallation CD.

      IDE drives are obsolete and such a system is going to be over 10 years old… Windows XP reached End of Life 10 months ago. New Editions of Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 32 Bit might run on it but the hardware is really poor likely Intel 915 graphics or similar which are at minimum requirements for Windows 7… To be blunt its time for new hardware…

  2. The Recovery partition on my C drive is corrupted so that a saved system image cannot be recovered. Is it possible to uncorrupt the partition without restoring a factory image?

    1. As I mentioned on the top of this guide, use of this program will corrupt the factory image. If you have not made Dell Backup and Recovery Media in advance:
      You will need to contact Dell for media or if using WIndows 8.1 you can download a .iso from here:
      Use of the .iso will require a clean installation:
      Microsoft broke the Digital Deployment of Windows 7 and replaced it with a nonfunctional tool so there is no .iso available for the Dell OEM license of Windows 7.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for writing the guide about this software. It's great that it's free.

    I was looking at Acronis Disk Director. I like it because it will span/stripe hard disks. Will EaseUs do the same?


    1. Its been a while since I've looked into the EaseUS partition manager and I've not played around with it on a UEFI BIOS with SecureBoot yet. I will need to look into both software.

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