Python: Installing Anaconda and Updating Spyder

User Account

For best results, ensure you are signed in with an administrator. In the file explore, type in:


Make sure you do not have a space or special character in your Windows username as you may have some troubles using some of the commands like pip to install packages and Spyder may not find some of the inbuilt libraries.

Anaconda Installer

Anaconda 64 Bit for Windows is available here:

Follow the onscreen instructions to install in Microsoft Windows.


After installing, go to start and select the Anaconda folder, select the Anaconda Powershell prompt:

In the powershell prompt type in:


Press y to continue.

Once Anaconda is updated, you can now go ahead and update Spyder by typing in:


A large number of packages will be listed:

Once again type y to continue:

Spyder should now be updated and you can close Powershell:

Installation of Spyder 4 Beta

To try Spyder 4 type in:


Followed by


Followed by:


This will give you Spyder4 beta as well as Spyder 3.

If using Spyder 4 beta, launch it and go to tools and select Dependencies:

If the following modules have a warning:

In the script Window copy and paste the following into the console line by line. The run the script and close Spyder 4 (from the Spyder beta icon in the Anaconda folder on your Start Menu).


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