Scientific Programming with MATLAB

This is a work in progress, as I am still undergoing MATLAB training courses…

MATLAB 30 Day Trial

MATLAB is Expensive Commercial Software however unlike the past, Mathworks have some sensible licensing prices for Student and Home User purposes. For Learning Purposes you can get started using the 30 Day Free Trial and then buy a Student or Home License:

MATLAB Training Academy

MATLAB offer a number of self-paced courses. There are two free courses, MATLAB Onramp and Deep Learning Onramp:

There are a number of Core MATLAB courses but unfortunately these can be expensive. I have taken MATLAB Fundamentals, MATLAB for Data Processing and Visualisation and MATLAB Programming Techniques.

Universities with Campus Subscriptions for Online Training may also have Solving Nonlinear Equations, Solving Ordinary Differential Equations with MATLAB, Introducation to Linear Algebra with MATLAB and Introduction to Statistical Methods with MATLAB. My University does not have these courses so I have not tried them.

Introduction to Scalars, Matrices and Arrays

Operations (Element by Element and Array)

Functions, Scripts and Custom Functions


2D Figures

Interpolation and Curve Fitting

Differentiation and Integration

Trigonometry (2D)

For Loops


  • Binary and Conditional Logic

If, ElseIf, Else Loops

  • If, ElseIf, Else Loops

3D Plots

Importing and Exporting Text Files

Notes and Old Guides:


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