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Debut Video Capture can be downloaded from here:

For home non-commercial use, you can use their free version. For commercial use, you'll need to get the Pro version. If purchasing an affiliate link is here:


Installation is pretty straight forward.

Double click the application:

Accept the User Account Control:

Accept the License Agreement and then select Next:

Debut will install:

After installation, Debut will automatically launch and show the Debut splash screen:

The Debut application will now be launched:

Screen Recording

By default Debut will be setup for a screen recording with audio:

If you want to run a screen recording without Audio, select Tools → Options:

Under Video select Screen Capture:

Select Audio:

Uncheck the Microphone and select OK:

To begin a screen recording you can press the Record Button:

Debut will tell you the shortcut key:

  • Stop the recording [Ctrl] + [F10]
  • Start the recording [Ctrl] + [F9]

It is useful to use these Shortcut keys. If you do not want this dialogue box to show again select "Do not show this message again" and the select Start Recording:

You will be asked whether or not you want to use "Fast Capture" Mode. Essentially this will give you a larger number of frames per second, making your video larger. This is designed for gaming and is not needed for standard screen recording within the Windows Desktop. I will once again check "Do not show this message again" and then select No:

So lets do something for a few seconds, let's open Mendeley for example:

I can now maximise Debut Video Capture and select Stop Recording. Note in doing so, my screen recording will end with me opening Debut video capture and pressing the stop button. You may now want this so recall the shortcut key [Shift] + [F10]:

The recording will be stopped and we will get a notification in the notification tray:

The recording will be Untitled1 in the folder Debut. We can now open it to view our first screen recording:

Here we go:

Screen Recording with Audio

I usually record without Audio and add it later when Video Editing. However if we want to Record with Audio, we can once again go to Tools → Options:

Then select Audio:

Then we can then check Microphone and select our Microphone from the drop down list and select OK:

Now we can screen record:

This time looking at Debut while screen recording, we can see the levels when we speak:

If it is red (maxed out) all the time or alternatively green (low) you might need to change your microphone levels:

Multi-Monitor and Selection

On my main desktop, I have two monitors so I can select what monitor to record from:

Switching screen:

I can also screen record both at the same time:

You can also select a selection of the screen:

Now I will have to make my selection and then select next:

Once happy, then select "select":

Webcam Recording

Select Tools and then Options:

Under Video you will see Screen Capture is selected:

You can instead select Webcam, I have an old Logitech Pro 9000 which must be about 10 years old now it shows as USB Video Device:

I can change the screen recording size. At the higher resolutions this cameras Frame Rate is substantially lowered to 5 Frames per Second because it is USB 2.0. Modern Logitech Cameras can record at 1080 p at 30 fps without an issues:

Select OK:

We are now see video from the webcam:

Click the start recording button or [Ctrl] + [F9] to start the recording:

You will get a warning about the low frame rate video. You can prevent this from showing up by checking "Do not Show this Message Again" and then select Continue:

The recording now begins and due to the slow frame rate movements may appear blurry:

However still images are okay. One can press the Stop Recording button or press [Ctrl] + [F10] to stop the recording:

Now I can video my video taken from the webcam:

Screen Recording Outwith Windows

This is for more of a niche audience. As I make Windows Installation Guides looking at Dell Computers, I need to screen record within the UEFI BIOS and when Windows Boots etc. I get asked how I do this from time to time. To do this I need to use a USB to Video Capture Device. The one I use is here:

Here are affiliate links to it: Startech USB3HDCAP Startech USB3HDCAP

The USB3HDCAP is excellent hardware but the software that comes with it is pretty woeful in my opinion. Once the driver is installed, it shows as a Webcam opposed to a Device in Debut:

Select Tools → Options:

Select the Webcam it shows up as CY3014 USB and then select Device Settings:

You can then switch from HDMI, DVID or VGA or Auto. I haven't used the Composite or S-Video setting on mine but I guess you'll be able use these if desired:

Now select the resolution. I normally use 1920×1080, 59.94 fps, YUY2

Edit notes: Order a HDMI to micro-HDMI cable and attach the GoPro 7 to the USB3HDCAP and use Debut Video Capture.

Screen Recording of a PC with a Webcam taking a Video of the Screen of the PC Taking the Screen Recording

I would need two capture devices to make a video recording or making a video recording… which isn't worthwhile for me as a one-off. However I can point the webcam to the screen of the computer doing the screen recording for fun:

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