Installing Windows 2000 as a Virtual Machine in VMware Player


The Windows 2000 Professional ISO and Product Key can be downloaded from WinWorld. in this guide I used the Windows 2000 Professional English 5.00.2195.1 ISO (325.88 MB) ISO:

Create Unofficial Service Pack 5 ISO

In order to install VMtools we need to update the Windows 2000 installation. We can do this with the Unofficial Service Pack 5 however we will not be able to drag and drop files over to the VM as VMtools aren't installed. To overcome this we will need to create an ISO of the unofficial service pack which we can load into the VM.

To do this we need to first of all extract the zip file. We can do this by right clickin the Unofficial Service Pack 5 zip file and selecting Extract All:

This gives the following extracted folder:

Next we can launch NCH Express Burn. Select Data CD and then create:

We can select Add Folder:

Click into the Extracted folder.

And then select Select Folder:

To the bottom right we can select Burn Data CD:

Then we can type in the Disc Label and then select Create Image:

Select the location you want to save the ISO in and then select Save:

You should be informed that the ISO has been saved:

You should now have the ISO with the Unofficial Service Pack 5:

Setting up the Windows 2000 VM

Install 7zip and extract the downloaded 7z file to get the Windows 2000 ISO.

Next launch VMware player and select Player → File → New Virtual Machine:

Select Installer disc image file (iso) and then Browse:

Load the W2PIS_EN.iso and select next:

Use the default location for the Virtual Machine:

Change the maximum size to 120 GB and select Next:

Select customise hardware:

Change the memory to 4096 MB:

Change the number of processors to 2:

Use ISO file should be checked alongside connect at power on:

It is ill-advised to connect an end of life OS to the internet so uncheck connect at power on for the network adaptor:

Only USB 1.1 is supported so change USB compatibility to 1.1:

Leave the sound card as default:

Leave the printer as default:

Up the display to 1 GB:

Select Close:

Now select Finish:

Installing Windows 2000

The Virtual Machine will now start:

Select [↵] to Continue:

Press [c] to continue the setup:

Press [F8] to accept the license agreement:

Press [↵] to install:

Press [↵] to continue:

The VM will reboot:

Press next to continue:

Here you can alter the language settings, I will change to English (UK). Select customise:

Then change to your desired language:

Select Set Default and set the default to your desired language:

Now select customise to change the keyboard layout:

In this case I will remove English (US):

Then select OK:

Then select ok at the warning:

Once the language settings are selected, select Next:

Type in your user name and select Next:

Type in the 25 digit product key supplied to by WinWorld (right hand side of their website corresponding to Windows 2000 Professional) and select Next:

Type in the name of your computer and select Next:

Select your time zone and select Next:

Select Next:

Select Next:

Select Finish:

We aren't going to connect to the internet, so just select Cancel at the Network Identification Wizard:

Select OK:

Uncheck show this screen at startup and select Exit:

Installing the Unofficial Service Pack

Select Player → Removable Devices → CD/DVD → Settings…

Select Browse:

Then select the USP5.iso and select Open:

Select Ok:

Select My Computer:

Select USP5 (D:)

Open the sub folder:

Double click the w2ksp51.exe:

Select next:

Select I Agree and then select Next:

Select Next:

Select Finish:

The computer will now restart. Log in:

Installing VMware Tools

Select Install Tools:

Open My Computer:

Double click VMware Tools (D:):

Double click the setup:

Select Install:

Select Finish:

Then select Yes to Restart the VM:

Select OK:

The VM can now be resized can now be resized and drag and drop can be carried out between the VM and host PC: