Installing Anaconda


The download link for Anaconda can be found on the Anaconda home page.

Launch the Anaconda3-2023-07-2-Windows-x86_64 setup:



Launch the setup:


The setup will begin:


Accept the License Agreement:


Select just me (recommended):


The default install location will be in:


The environmental variable %USERPROFILE% maps to the location of your User Profile, in this case C:\Users\Philip

Installation options will display:


A common option that I usually enable (although shown as not recommended) is to add Anaconda to the Windows Environmental Variables Path which makes the (base) Python environment available in the Windows Terminal.


Note that leaving this option unchecked may cause a minor issue with VSCode. VSCode uses the Windows Terminal and shows an error message when launching a Python script when the (base) Python environment is not added to the path. If this option has not been checked, Miniconda can be manually added to the Windows Environmental Variables path see:
Windows Environmental Variables Path and the Windows Terminal.

The reason this option is not recommended by default is it can arise to conflicts when multiple Python distributions are installed/uninstalled. In general it is not recommended to install multiple Python distributions and a better practice to stick to only using Miniconda.

Select Next:


Select Finish:


Anaconda is now installed.

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