Language Packs for IE11 Windows 7 Slipstream Script

[Advanced users only] This is incomplete and untested.


My guide Slipstreaming Drivers and Updates into Windows 7 Installation Media covers English UK (CANZUK) and English USA. It does not cover non-English Languages by default.

Downloading and Extracting Non-English Language Files for IE11

For non-English languages IE11 requires firstly the Full English .cab file, then the IE11 Language Pack .cab, the Spelling Dictionary.msu and Hyphenation.msu of your choice. These must be downloaded, extracted, placed in the correct folders and the script modified to incorporate them.

Download the standalone IE11 (IE11-Windows6.1-x64-xxyy.exe) for your Language from Microsoft where (xxyy differ depending on your language):

Copy IE11-Windows6.1-x64-xxyy.exe to your C:\Drive and make a new folder on the C:\Drive and call it IE11Extract

In the start menu type in cmd and right click cmd and select Run as administrator:


Accept the User Account Control Prompt:

Type in the following:

C:\IE11-Windows6.1-x64-xxyy.exe /x:"C:\IE11Extract"

Amend xx-yy for your desired language and press [Enter]

There will be no dialogue box once this is done. However you can go to the IE11Extract folder pretty much straight away. There will be a different amount of files produced for each language.

Move the .Cab Files to C:\Updates\IE11

Move the .MSU files to C:\Updates

Add all .cab files to C:\Updates\IE11 folder and add all the .msu to C:\Updates.

Modifying the Script for Non-English Language Files

The script can be opened in notepad by right clicking it and selecting open with… then notepad. It will be black and white text however I have opened it in word and colour coded it and added line colours for clarity.

  • Line 1 and 2 give the user information about the boot.wim and install.wim then line 3 invokes a pause so the user can look at it.
  • Line 4-8 makes temporary directories required for the slipstream.
  • Lines 9-11 mounts, adds drivers to and repackages the boot.wim.
  • Lines 12-21 mounts Index 1 to folder C:\Win7\Temp2 and incorporates the drivers and prerequisite updates for IE11.
  • Line 22 (highlighted in green) will add all the .cab files in the IE11 folder and does not need to be edited.
  • Line 23 is the incorporation of the latest Security Rollup.
  • Line 24 commits changes and repackages the index of the install.wim.
  • Lines 12-24 were for Index:1 using the folder C:\Win7\Temp2. These then repeat for Index:2 using the folder C:\Win7\Temp3 (Lines 25-37) Index:3 using the folder C:\Win7\Temp4 (Lines 38-50) and Index:4 using the folder C:\Win7\Temp5 (Lines 51-63).
  • Lines 64-68 delete the temporary folders.
  • Line 69 and 70 give the user information about the boot.wim and install.wim then the final line 71 invokes a pause so the user can look at it.

The additional updates shown as Edit1 and Edit 2 (highlighted in yellow) should be added before Line 23. Hint, copy and paste Line 23 and then modify the end of the line to match the file names of your LanguagePack.msu and then repeat for your Hyphenation.msu and any other .msu files respectively.

Copy your additional lines and paste the Edit for each Index in the script file and amend these to the correct Temp folder.

Save and use the script as normal. Return to Slipstreaming Drivers and Updates into Windows 7 Installation Media.