Google Ditch Windows Vista and Windows XP and so should you

01 May 2016: Google have just dropped support for Windows Vista and Windows XP.

When Chrome is launched a yellow warning will display stating:

"This computer will no longer receive Google Chrome Updates because Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported." Learn more.

Chrome Message

This means that the continued use of Google Chrome and these Operating Systems in general should be considered insecure. It hasn't happened currently however eventually websites may block out of date versions of Chrome and Internet Explorer 9.

This gives a primary security exploit…

Bank Robber

Needless to say don't use a Windows Vista or Windows XP Operating System for:

  • Online Banking
  • Paypal
  • eBay
  • Amazon

etc. etc.

Microsoft did not provide an Official Free Upgrade Path for Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows 10 TH2.

They did however provide an Unofficial Free Upgrade Path via the Windows 10130 Insider Preview. All Dell Systems shipped with Windows Vista OEM will be able to run Windows 10 TH2. I document this Unofficial Path in great detail here Windows Vista → Windows 10130 → Windows 10 TH2.

Take the Unofficial upgrade path for all Dell Systems listed below:

Adamo Desktops

Dimension Desktops

Inspiron Desktops

Inspiron Laptops

Latitude Laptops

OptiPlex Desktops

Precision Desktops

Precision Laptops

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Vostro Laptops

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