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This will instruct you in using "Free Up Space Now" to clean up some Storage Space in Windows 10 (this is the modern version of Disc Clean Up). For this guide, I use my XPS 13 9365 laptop, which I've been using in the lab for some time now at work. I noticed that I only have 136 GB free on my SSD:

To clear up Storage Space, right click the Start Button and select Settings:

Select System:

Then to the left hand menu, select Storage:

Select "Free up space now":

It will take some time to scan through your C:\ Drive:

The biggest culprits are usually Previous Windows Installations, the Recycle Bin and Downloads which are not checked by default. The Windows.old folder is found on the root of the C:\ Drive

Here you will find the Windows.old folder. The Windows.old folder contains the files from the previous version of Windows so for example a Windows 10 1809 installation that has been Upgraded from Windows 10 1803. It can be used to rollback to the previous Windows Installation however if the new Windows Installation is running stably, you can go ahead and select Previous Windows Installations and Remove it:

Downloads can be a culprit of lost storage space, you can have a multitude of current and previous installers for software you've installed that you no longer need. Microsoft assume if you want to keep something you'll move it to it's proper location in the Documents, Pictures, Music or Videos Folders respectively. Open the Downloads folder:

Check if there is anything you need there, if not, you can go ahead and check the Downloads box in free up space now:

Likewise the Recycle Bin, chances are if you've already deleted something you will no longer need it. You can open up the Recycle Bin icon on the Desktop and scroll through it's contents to check there is nothing important there:

Once you are happy there is nothing important there, you can check the Recycle Bin box:

When happy select Remove Files. In my case 53.5 GB of space is available to be freed up:

This takes me from 136 GB free to 183 GB free:

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