XPS 700 – Windows 7 and 8.1 64 Bit

This system is a 2006 system and with some push can run Windows 7 64 Bit. Not all of these are Windows 10 64 Bit Capable due to elevated Processor Requirements (the ones that are will run Windows 10 poorly). It is not advised to spend any money upgrading this system, as it is cheaper to purchase a more capable Second Hand Business Desktop.

System Upgrades

Operating System License

Windows 7 is no longer for sale and it is not recommended to run Windows 10 on this model.

Service Manual

Dell Service Manual

Memory Upgrade:

This system supports 4 GB of RAM 2×(2×12 GB Modules)

amazon.com Crucial CT2KIT25664AA800

amazon.co.uk Crucial CT2KIT25664AA800

Solid State Drive 3.5 “

Upgrading to a Solid State Drive


The following Processors meet the Elevated Requirements for Windows 8.1 64 Bit and Later:


OS Updates

System Utilities




Install the registry file and then the audio driver. New untested.


Card Reader

Dell Media Card Reader with Integrated Bluetooth Module (CAB-200), Media Card Reader 19-1 with Integrated Bluetooth*


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