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7 thoughts on “Vostro Laptops

  1. Why isn't Vostro 1720 on this list? I'm sure I don't have the only one.

    1. These driver sets for mainly for XP/Vista systems for Windows 7 or later. The Vostro 3550 should run Windows 10 without any issues.

      1. Contacted Dell – they say it is not supported. Models below and above than Vostro 3550 are supported. But Vostro 3550 isn't. So far, in my contact with Dell, they have refused to say anything about support. They have said it does not support. Not sure why. I have installed all updated drivers and the latest bios (A12 – release 18 Feb 2014). Windows 10 Pro upgrade process keeps failing. Microsoft says they are still working with partners (very general statement) to find solution. Do examine this problem.

  2. What about win 10 in dell vostro 3450.i wanna to upgrade it. Is there any driver problem??

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