OptiPlex GX520 – Windows 7 32 Bit

It is not advised to spend too much money upgrading this over a decade 2007 system, as it is cheaper to purchase a more capable Second Hand Business Desktop than a new OS License. This PC can run Windows 7 32 Bit borderline. It does not run Windows 10 very well.

System Upgrades

Service Manual

Dell Service Manual

Memory Upgrade:

This system supports 4 GB of RAM (2×2 GB Modules).

amazon.com Crucial CT2KIT25664AA800

amazon.co.uk Crucial CT2KIT25664AA800

Solid State Drive 3.5 “

Upgrading to a Solid State Drive

Legacy BIOS

OS Updates

System Utilities




See instructions on using the Microsoft Update Catalog and install drivers via the Device Manager.


3 thoughts on “OptiPlex GX520 – Windows 7 32 Bit

  1. Audio Drivers for windows 7 check here:


    Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio

    Release Date: 1/24/2007
    Version: A255.12.01.7010
    Importance: Recommended
    Download Type: Driver
    File Format: Hard-Drive
    File Size: 3MB

    R145551.EXE 32 BIT

    R145149.EXE 64 BIT

    OptiPlex GX280
    OptiPlex GX520
    OptiPlex GX620
    OptiPlex SX280
    Precision 370
    Precision 470
    Precision 670

    Windows 7 x32 installed and working on GX520 2.8GHz 1GB

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