OptiPlex GX520 – Windows 7 and 10

System Upgrades

Service Manual

Ensure you reference your service manual before carrying out upgrades:

The most recommended upgrade for this system is a Solid State Drive, here is my affiliate link to Crucial here. If purchasing a SSD or Memory Upgrade please use these links as I will get a tiny bit of commission which will help fund my guides

SSD Drive Upgrade

Memory Upgrade:

This system supports 4 GB of RAM (2×2 GB Modules). Note the 32 Bit OS maxes out at 4 GB RAM. This can also be purchased using the affiliate link above.

Graphics Card

Please ask on the Dell Community Forums for the latest recommendation for Graphics Cards. Ensure to include your form factor when asking for a Graphics Card Upgrade Recommendation.

Operating System

This system is not Windows 10 64 Bit Compatible due to elevated system requirements on the processor. It should run Windows 10 32 Bit without any issues however. Moreover the maximum memory for this system is 4 GB so there would be no advantage in installing 64 Bit anyway.

It is recommended to install Windows 10 on this system see Windows OEM FAQs and Downloads. The Windows Vista OEM or Windows XP Product Key won't be compatible with Windows 10 Installation Media however you can run Windows 10 Unlicensed. Windows 10 will have most of the system drivers required inbuilt however you can install the Windows 7 Drivers if you have any unknown Devices in the Device Manager.

Drivers and Downloads for Windows 7

Legacy BIOS

System Utilities (Windows 7 Only)

Chipset (Windows 7)

Video (Windows 7 Only)

Communications (Windows 7 Only)

Not all systems have a modem. If the Driver fails to install, there is no need to try and install the rest in this category.

Audio (Windows 7 Only)

Check the Architecture of the link and then select download.

These are available as .cab files. See instructions toinstall drivers via the Device Manager.

3 thoughts on “OptiPlex GX520 – Windows 7 and 10

  1. Audio Drivers for windows 7 check here:


    Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio

    Release Date: 1/24/2007
    Version: A255.12.01.7010
    Importance: Recommended
    Download Type: Driver
    File Format: Hard-Drive
    File Size: 3MB

    R145551.EXE 32 BIT

    R145149.EXE 64 BIT

    OptiPlex GX280
    OptiPlex GX520
    OptiPlex GX620
    OptiPlex SX280
    Precision 370
    Precision 470
    Precision 670

    Windows 7 x32 installed and working on GX520 2.8GHz 1GB

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