Latitude D Series Laptops

Legacy Systems

These legacy systems are over a decade old and scratch Windows 7 32 Bit minimum hardware requirements… with the onboard video having a driver scratching below minimum requirements for Aero but giving basic functionality. In most cases they will be unable to run Windows 10 32 Bit. The 64 Bit Operating System is incompatible.

Early Vista Systems

In the vast majority of cases Windows Vista systems will handle Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Some earlier Windows Vista systems may be 32 Bit only depending on the systems processor.

64 Bit compatibility depends on the processor installed. There is little advantage of installing 64 Bit Windows on these models due to them maxing out at 2.5-3.25 GB RAM.

Late Vista Systems

4 thoughts on “Latitude D Series Laptops

    1. Thanks for the reply. I haven't actually installed WIndows 7 on all these models and variants first hand however I know the Intel 915GM gives a Windows experience of 1.0 in the Dx10 series. The ATI card will have a better Windows Experience Index, I didn't expect it to be as high as 3.3.

      I have had a look at the Hardware Heaven ATI Drivers before. As AMD seem to have made it much more difficult to find the legacy Catalyst driver I should probably update all AMD/ATI video drivers to that link. I plan to do an update at some point to include video card hardware IDs.


  1. I agree that the D800 with the Intel 915GM gets a Windows Experience Rating of 1.0 due to the use of the generic VGA driver, While there are other possible solutions for the ATI video drivers, the Hardware Heaven seem by far the bext to me. When we use the generic VGA drivers on the D810, it also comes up with a Windows experience of 1.0.

    I'm still looking for a clean Windows 7 solution for the Intel 915GM,

    1. The HP "vista" driver works but not very well. Intel never really made a proper driver for Vista or later version of Windows.

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