Dimension 3100/E310 – Windows 7 32 Bit

This system is a 2005 system and with some push can run Windows 7 32 Bit. It is not advised to spend any money upgrading this system, as it is cheaper to purchase a more capable Second Hand Business Desktop

System Upgrades

Operating System License

Windows 7 is no longer for sale and it is not recommended to run Windows 10 on this model.

Service Manual

Dell Service Manual

Memory Upgrade:

amazon.com Crucial CT2KIT25664AA800

amazon.co.uk Crucial CT2KIT25664AA800

Solid State Drive 3.5 "

Upgrading to a Solid State Drive

The integrated Video Card has just below bare minimum for running Windows 7


OS Updates

System utilities





Install the registry file and then the audio driver. New untested.

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