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  1. When I go to the drivers page for my laptop, there aren't any System Utilities drivers other than some Power Management application. Should I download and install the .exe from your site here anyway? I'm on a Dell Latitude E5540 with Windows 7 Professional.

  2. I have just stumbled into your site this evening and found it very interesting and informative.

    My need is to re install Win 7 on a blank drive and add the Dell drivers, then update windows.

    This page links to a file A03 R282538.exe but when using Dell site by service tag it takes me to a page http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=MTF9M to download for a System Software Utility Version 7.0.1, A01 with a file name DSS_UTIL_WIN_R260746.EXE

    The machine is a Latitude E6410. Which file would you install?

  3. Thank you Philip. I will bow to your superior knowledge :o) Would you care to comment on why Dell sends me to an older vesion?

  4. Hi Phil am a bit confused here. First though your comment meant your link to was the newest version but now realise that your link is to A03 R282538 which is the older one rather than Dell taking me to the older version. Does your link need updating?

    1. Sorry my mistake I made a typo.
      Use R281538 the latest version of Dell System Software and probably the last ever version taken from the OptiPlex 7010/9010.
      The reason why Dell list an older version is that Dell usually stop updating drivers after a certain point after the product is released. The newest version will work the best however. I have got it even on a Latitude D820.

  5. I habe a dell xps 8700 desktop with Win 7. Should i install R283538? My desktop is not listed as a compatible device on dells website. thanks

  6. Now, is this going to work with the 64 bit Business Edition of Vista on an Optiplex 740 Desktop Edition? It's odd that this is a 64 bit PC, but Dell only supports a narrow range of Mostly 32 bit OS's on it. In fact, I don't believe it's fully supported by Dell anyway.

  7. Philip,
    Thanks again for your most valuable assistance to Dell users.
    Please advise which is the CORRECT version of DSS for Win 7 32 bit in a Vostro 220 series? I upgraded from Vista Business with clean install of Win 7 Pro, but had to buy a retail OEM CD since I never received Dell's 'free' offer upgrade CD for Win 7 Pro.

    Thank you.

      1. Thank you for your prompt reply.
        When you stated, "I'd advise the 64 Bit Edition", you meant Windows 7 OS or the DDS util version to download? Please note that it's for a Dell Vostro 220s, not 200. My current Bios ver. is 1.3.0 on that 220s machine. Out of ignorance I purchased & installed Win 7 Pro 32-bit since the unit had been running XP & VBus as 32 bit for years. Then, I found your site…
        Your comments on this will be appreciated.

      2. Hi, I am trying to install the Dell System Software Utility A03 R282539 on a Dell E6420 WIN7 32 bit, the keyboard is French but the OS language is English, the installer is trying to install the French version, How can I change it to English?

      3. Ask on the Dell Community Forums about this, I only install in English UK and always use the English UK language and formats.

  8. Sophia, had you leaned on Dell a bit, or were a US customer, you'd have received your DVD. I was never aware of the offer until on the Dell Forums, another member mentioned this option to me, though mine was Windows 8, and was installing a smaller SSD than the HDD was supplied by Dell. Had the DVD inside of 24 hours, as I have next day business warranty, extended for a 2nd year due to purchasing from Costco.

    In the past, Dell reps were always generous with me anyway, twice supplied me with XP Pro install media (the green XP Pro SP2 type), plus Software & Drivers CD, for computers that were purchased on eBay & well out of warranty. Had I known the 2nd time that the software was the same, would never had bothered them.

    However, no luck with the Optiplex 740 Desktop Edition, to be honest, am not sure who takes care of this computer, being it doesn't have an AMD nor Intel board (does have AMD CPU), rather a nVIDIA one. Dell seems to be more of a 3rd party handling the drivers & software for this one, and I'd like nothing more than to be able to find a Optiplex board of the same size, so that at least I could get some quality support.

    Kind of odd that all Dell seems to support on this computer is 32 bit installs of Windows, when it's a true 64 bit PC, many have left positive reviews over it, wished I could enjoy in their enthusiasm.

    Phillip has assisted many on this Dell blog, including me on some occasions, but one of those applies to the Optiplex 740, installing a SSD reduces, rather than enhances performance. Plus there's no way to achieve a true SATA mode. even those old XP SP2 CD's installs w/out issue onto SATA drives & for the sake of it, loaded a Dell OEM Windows 2000 Pro install the same way. This computer was sold with enhanced IDE, not true SATA connections.

    With no luck, tried to install the 64 bit Dell System Software on a Vista Business 64 bit install, it wouldn't take on this PC, because it shipped with a 32 bit system. Nor would it run with Windows 7 Ultimate, the main install on the PC. Always an error, in regards that this software doesn't apply to this OS.

    I stuffed the PC to the gills with 8GB RAM, now Dell wants me to roll back to 32 bit ones to 'get official support'. No way would I do this.

    1. I've not played with the OptiPlex 740 much I have with the GX260, GX280, GX520, GX620, 745, 755, 760 and 790 and they all installed the 64 Bit Dell System Software fine. These were all Intel boards however. The Vostro 220 has an Intel board also.

      I prefer Intel boards and CPUs to AMD. I have never had a SSD perform worse than a HDD but all my tests have been with Intel hardware. If the OptiPlex 740 performs badly get a second hand OptiPlex 760 from eBay. You can move your 8 GB of RAM to the 760 (they use the same RAM).

      1. Will the Optiplex 760 motherboard fit inside of the 740 Desktop Edition? I too prefer Intel boards & other hardware, it would seem that out of all of the Optiplex 'desktop type' builds, one of the other motherboards would be a perfect fit. Even if it's an AMD, so be it, I'd at least have a true SATA PC, rather than glorified IDE ports. There is no way to achieve true SATA on this PC, other than add a PCIe SATA card.

        The only thing about that being, would have to give up the 1GB GDDR5 GPU that I installed from my newer Dell, an XPS 8700. It had a Dell OEM AMD Radeon HD 7570. Runs good in the Optiplex 740.

        Had I known more about the Optiplex 740, I'd not had purchased the model, though at $29 for a working PC out of the box, cannot complain. Except for the RAM & a $10 CPU upgrade, most all of the other components I had laying around.


      2. Probably you can swap out the mainboards if the units you buy are of the same form factor. Personally I would just look for a complete OptiPlex 760 preferably as a MT.

  9. Philipyip,
    Dell-System-Software A03_R282539 is not intended for Dimension 9100.
    How come do you recommend it ?

  10. Thanks for this, Philip! Had seen & commented on the page in the past, yet had forgotten where I had this page bookmarked.

    I'm running the older version, go grabbed it while here & have placed the software on a Flash drive to move to the Optiplex 740 DT (mid-sized) version. Don't know if it'll help, but since downgrading the OS back to Windows 7, the PC is running Much better, hopefully this will also further assist.

    Windows 10 ran slow not only on this PC, there was also noticeable slowness in my main PC, a XPS 8700. AV/AM scans were taking 2x longer & so was startup/shutdown. Lots of processes going on with this OS. and unfortunately, a piece of freedom is also taken away, if one places a value on their privacy, Windows 10 is not free.

      1. Emsisoft Anti Malware, it's lightweight security with dual scan engines, Bitdefender for AV & their own AM. Plus Malwarebytes Pro Lifetime version. Have ran the combo for years, sometime back on lesser hardware.

        If this were the only affected computer, I could accept changing security, but this was going on with 4 computers, two of which are Dell branded. SuperAntiSpyware scans were taking up to 2-3x longer on all computers also, one of which was a clean install of 10 Pro (the XPS 8700).

        There's been a lot of discussion about this from various members on the Bleeping Computer forum, where I'm an Advisor, and not all are running the same brand of security. Windows 10 has a lot more processes going on than 7 & 8.1, in particular a lot of outbound ones. A few members were reporting that WinStore.exe was uploading (& posted snapshots) of their NVIDIA GPU's uploading data through that process.

        This is certainly possible, because a lot of folks has purchased upper mid to high end GPU's for bitcoin mining, so if the card can receive, process & upload all of that data, it would be chump change for Microsoft to take advantage of the same. Oddly, one member had a Local account & had no Store data to upload.

        Lots of discussion going on about privacy & data leaks, and some are trying to take advantage of this be offering software to block all Microsoft privacy leak points (about 35), however I don't think that one can stop that many Microsoft processes & have a usable computer.

        I'm still going to install this updated Dell Software package though, and see there's any advantages to it over the old. Some of these offerings for the Optiplex 740 aimed at corporate users, like CCTK, customizing BIOS packages, I don't know how to use nor need. So I disregard these updates.

        And just in case Microsoft gets their act together, the computers that 10 was removed from, was imaged beforehand. BTW, Windows 10 is not a Dell sanctioned OS for the Optiplex 740, had to install some drivers in Vista mode, had to use 7zip to bust others open & point the Device Manager to the folder. I'll give 10 it's due, it ran, but not like Windows 7. You even advised users of some computers to stay put in one of your Windows 10 blogs & I believe the Optiplex 740 that shipped with a very early Vista was one of these. Released in 2006, and the first date of boot in the BIOS confirms that.

        Philip, Thanks for all that you do for the Dell Community!


  11. Helo?
    Sir my system Dell GX520 is not install sound driver for windows7 64bit.plece help me.

  12. this is the link to it on the Dell website, but my Dell Inpiron N5050 is not mentioned! it has win7 64bit.

    Philip, do you think it will work on mine? am trying to restore to the factory settings, win7 installed ok but am struggling with all the dell settings which completely disappeared including Dell recovery manager. am finding your order installation guide v useful!


  13. loaded win 7 64 bit, installed updates up to sp1 and will not install other updates. it just keeps scanning for hours. I am using dell xps 720 desktop

    1. It seems there are alot of Windows 7 Updating issues recently…

      You should incorporate Service Pack 2 and IE11 into the installation media. See here:
      Or here for a Download:
      Then you should use the WSUS Offline Update:

      1. Wanted to express my thanks for this site. I am a die-hard fan of my D630. I probably should have purchased the last regular style keyboard available but got confused. So I stick with my D630; maxed out ram to 8gb installed Win 10. Seems a little slow but I am still getting to know the operating system. I also would have stuck with Win 7 but couldn't find a legit copy to purchase anymore. Install and device support seems find with Win 10 – just wondering how slow my performance will be. I remain hopeful that we will see a return to real keyboards and integrated DVD/BluRay options with new biz laptops, but then I miss my blackberry with track pad cursor control as well. This isn't always progress for productivity.

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