8 thoughts on “Downloading Drivers: Checking Hardware IDs and Downloading and Installing Dell System Drivers in the Correct Order

  1. I have run Dell PC diagnostic and a driver up date program on my Dell dimension 2510 with XP Operating system ( I know it is ancient but so am I ) and have ended up with icons for 'PC Health Kit' and 'Driver Restore' on the desk top. Are these legitimate, safe and useable programs? Are there a better (Dell Approved) programs available?

      1. Hello Mr Yip; thank you for your article. I have a DELL E1705 (config MP061) I installed Windows 7 32 bit NET 4.5 and it works fine. Unfortunately, I am not able to download the 3D graphics drivers. NET BIOS says I have an AMD ATI Mobility Radeon X1600. The system accepts the driver package and works briefly, but the system slows down and eventually crashes. Can you help?
        Thank you
        Stephen BACH,
        Bayonne, France

  2. Hello Philip, Thanks very much for your article. I've got a Dell Latitude e6500 which I've just updated to the Windows 8.1 OS (updated from XP). I have the problem of a missing driver for 'Base System Device'. The Hardware IDs details are as follows:

    Also the Broadcom USH is missing (details: USB\VID_0A5C&PID_5800&REV_0101&MI_00

    I believe this computer is not supported for e6500, so not sure if there's anything that can be done here. I would be most grateful for any advice.

    1. Thats the Ricoh Card Reader and the Windows 7 driver will work fine in Windows 8.1. The Broadcom USH is common to most Dell Latitude E Series and Precision systems.
      See this page, ignore the top part where I have listed Windows 7 drivers for older systems. Look instead where I have listed common components present in Dell systems and their drivers for Windows 8.1:

  3. Hello Yip,
    Thank You very much for ur article, but I have a problem with network controller, I uninstalled it completely from device manager, after installing the driver again, it says can't find Intel(R) adapter, I'm using Dell Inspiron N5110, Windows 7 64bit, I installed intel centrino 1030, but no use I cant connect to WiFi. Help with dis my Hardware Id's

    1. What driver did you install? Does it show up in the device manager still? Does toggling [Fn] and [F2] do anything (or just [F2] depending on how your function keys are setup)?

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