Windows 10 Wish List

A. Windows Installation Feedback

As a globally recognised Windows installation expert, the first set of feedback that I am leaving is to do with Windows installation.

1. The Windows 10 .iso

Do not make the Windows 10 .iso Downloader like the Microsoft Software Recovery Tool; make it like the Windows 8.1 Media Creation Tool (and fix its bugs): and

The .iso has to made freely downloadable for each OEM aswell as the retail license. We had many, many, many problems on the Dell Forums and elsewhere due to the lack of a direct download to a Windows 8.0/8.1 .iso. The popularity of these guides point this out.

If not made freely available as a download link. Users should be able to download it and Office 2013 .isos from their Microsoft Account, regardless if the product is OEM or Retail.

I would also say the .iso should allow for a 30 day trial. I guided many people into installing Windows 7 with a 30 day trial, it worked so well they went out and bought a key. I advised very few to evaluate Windows 8.1 because Microsoft only allowed the .iso for the 90 day evaluation meaning at least a double install was required.

Please add your votes to my Windows UserVoice suggestion here, this is for Windows 8.1 but hopefully Microsoft can fix it for both Windows 8.1 and 10.

2. Option to move User File Partition During Installation

Please add your votes to my Windows UserVoice suggestion here.

Partially Implemented.


Option to select default drive/location for user files including:

  • Documents
  • Music
  • Video
  • Downloads
  • Desktops
  • Favourites
  • OneDrive
  • Offline Files

This would be best placed during setup after  “Where do you want to install Windows?”


There should be the option of where do you want your user files? The default setting should be on the same drive and custom (advanced) should be greyed out if only one drive/partition was detected in the earlier screen.


Selecting custom (advanced) should list the other drives for example…

Windows would be installed on C: which in this example could be a small SSD 250 GB SSD.

The user files would be installed on D: which would be a 1000 GB HDD.

This configuration is becoming standard. The 256 GB drive is too big to be a mere cache drive and cache SSDs often cause issues. It is however too small in my case and the case of all other users to install all the programs and to save all their documents and OneDrive data.


3. Refresh Image

To create a Refresh image there should be a user interface/wizard opposed to utilisation of the command prompt. The ability to make a refresh image (or multiple refresh images) is an incredibly useful feature overlooked by many a user as it requires use of an elevated command prompt Window.

4. Clean the Drive Fully During Installation

Users should be able to run this during the Windows setup and not just through a reset. This would help them wipe out their previous Windows Vista/7/8.1 installation.

Now that Microsoft have learned not to make all their licenses upgrade only but full this should be feasible as their won't be issues with Microsoft Product Activation looking for a previous edition of Windows.


B. Virtualisation

Professional versions should give free Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/NT/XP/7/8/8.1 and 10 license for a sandboxed installation of a VM. Even the lowest end new PC has the hardware to visualise multiple OS and the most difficult thing for an end user (not in an organisation with large volume licensing agreements) is to get a genuine Windows license for their VM.


This should be extended to allow the license to be used in better services such as VMWare Player and VirtualBox.

Supporting virtualisation will help IT professionals who want to do testing, the biggest issue at present is obtaining installation media and a license.

It can also be important when migrating users from legacy hardware.

C. Windows Updates

1. Auto-Restart

It should not automatically restart without a user acknowledgement especially if the system is set to a power plan of maximum performance and to never turn the PC off. It usually set by users for that setting so they can run things such as simulations, measurements or long downloads unattended. Users get very annoyed when Windows automatically resets resulting in the loss of work.

2. Monthly Updated Full Installation and Update Packages .isos

Standalone Monthly Service Packs should be made available.

D. User Interface

1. The Start Menu

  • Don’t bloat the alphabetical start menu with preinstalled Metro Applications. The tiles to the right are already infested by them at default settings. Put these Apps in a folder called Windows Apps.
  • Allow Drag and Drop of Icons from the Start Menu to the Left to the Tiles to the Right.

2. Windows and X Menu

Please add your votes to my Windows UserVoice suggestion here.

Add the following to the "Windows and X" menu:

  • Windows Defender
  • Windows Defender Offline
  • Devices and Printers
  • .iso to Bootable USB Utility


Make the Windows and X Menu look like part of Windows 10.


3. Windows Defender

Add it to the Windows and X Menu as described above and also add right click context menus like Microsoft Security Essentials had:


4. Minor Feedback

  • Windows Explorer icons look terrible, like they have been made from Microsoft Paint. Bring Back the Windows 8.1 icons or have an option for users to change them.

5. Integrate something like StarDock Fences

This allows one to organise their desktop much better.

6. Multimonitor Settings

Windows 10 is supposed to be designed for power users. Many of us power users use multiple monitors.

There should be a unique taskbar and start menu for each monitor. These should allow pinning.

If a program is opened by clicking on the start menu, desktop or taskbar residing in that monitor it should open in the monitor.

Simple suggestions that will improve productivity.

E. Additional Microsoft Services and Apps

1. Calculator App vs. Microsoft Mathematics


Look at the functionality of Microsoft mathematics compared to the Windows calculator especially when it is set to "scientific".

I don't know why Microsoft aren't prebundling it compared to the rubbish Windows or Metro calculator.

2. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker, should be revamped and integrated into Windows 10.

Fix Movie Maker so can have Powerpoint Shapes or integrate Movie maker with the shapes into office 2013. make it easier putting 2 videos side by side.

movie maker

3. Screen Recording and Webcam Software

It would be nice if Windows had native screen recording software although third party software such as Debut is really nice. This could be integrated into Windows Live movie maker.

4. Microsoft Mouse Without Borders

Microsoft Mouse without Borders which is a free Microsoft utility to control multiple Windows systems with one keyboard and mouse.

5. Media Centre Update should be Cheap

It should not require one to spend £100 to upgrade to Professional and then £10 further. Media Centre should be used mainly by Home i.e. non-Professional users.

Don’t make Media Centre an upgrade for Home users require an upgrade to Professional

6. Viewer

It would be nice to have an inbuilt pdf reader which can open more than one pdf at a time. Some other Apps should have the option to open multiple Windows. Each App should have an advanced setting where a user can check or uncheck allow multiple instances.

7. Office WebApps

Add Office 2013 WebApps as default shortcuts in the Start Menu unless the full desktop version is installed. In addition make a Visio WebApp.

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