13 thoughts on “Use of Magic Parted and Secure Wipe (UEFI BIOS)

  1. Hi, used rufus to make bootable USB, started magic parted and when i click on sleep computer goes to sleep and wakes up but all i see is black screen… Any thoughts?
    Dell 5577…

  2. is there any other way of wiping the data? or will i have to spend on the $9 / $11?

    1. For a SSD you'll need to use Parted Magic. For a HDD you can use DBAN or Diskpart Clean All. Newer Dell business systems have the ability to securely wipe from their UEFI BIOS.

      1. i have HDD. and an older system.
        so… diskpart should be enough, right? for a total, clean wipe?

      2. phillip, i hv HDD. so, i can use diskpart.
        however, can i use diskpart while i am logged in to the windows? how does it work?

      3. i found your video instructions, so, no need to reply to my comment about using diskpart.

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