Use of Magic Parted and Secure Wipe (UEFI BIOS)

This guide was for an older version of Parted Magic and is now obsolete. See Use of Parted Magic to Securely Wipe a SSD, HSSD or HDD for the latest version.

Note also that newer Dell Business Models have the ability to Securely Wipe all Internal Drives via their UEFI BIOS setup. See my UEFI BIOS: Dell Data Wipe for more details.


13 thoughts on “Use of Magic Parted and Secure Wipe (UEFI BIOS)

  1. Hi, used rufus to make bootable USB, started magic parted and when i click on sleep computer goes to sleep and wakes up but all i see is black screen… Any thoughts?
    Dell 5577…

  2. is there any other way of wiping the data? or will i have to spend on the $9 / $11?

    1. For a SSD you’ll need to use Parted Magic. For a HDD you can use DBAN or Diskpart Clean All. Newer Dell business systems have the ability to securely wipe from their UEFI BIOS.

      1. i have HDD. and an older system.
        so… diskpart should be enough, right? for a total, clean wipe?

      2. phillip, i hv HDD. so, i can use diskpart.
        however, can i use diskpart while i am logged in to the windows? how does it work?

      3. i found your video instructions, so, no need to reply to my comment about using diskpart.

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