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I made a wee video with some information here:

On the 23rd of June 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union (EU), a move which shocked the out of touch mainstream “liberal” media. Their two year campaign of demonising the British people hasn’t changed peoples minds that much. The UK was always seen as the half in and half out country of the EU…. In reality it was a question for the British about where they saw themselves in the world…

Let me ask is it a coincidence that the most popular Brexit ideas are “A Canada Trade Deal” and “An Australian Points Based Immigration System”?

YouGov made a poll asking Brits where they would want to potentially live. The two countries that came out top were Canada and New Zealand (unfortunately they never included Australia in their questionnaire) however can assume similar metrics for Australia.

Probably an even more reliable metric is from the data of Brits that have already emigrated, as you can see Australia tops all countries and Canada and New Zealand are also quite highly represented accounting for their relative population size.

The EU is a collection of Britain’s neighbouring countries, supposed to share political and cultural “European Values”. It was seen in the UK as a Common Market however it has morphed into a political project with the push for more and more centralisation and less and less accountability. It is also quite protectionist. Although the British do have many commonalities with the “Europeans”, when polled very few British feel “Very Strongly European” and a high proportion feel “Not at all European”. More details in the British Social Attitudes Survey. Paradoxically the set of countries that the British feel much more politically and culturally aligned with are Canada, Australia and New Zealand and none of these countries are in the EU. We share a predominant language, have a very similar culture and our political systems are all based on Common Law. We even share a Monarch. There are more British expats in the Canada, Australia and New Zealand than in the EU combined. The feeling is reciprocated with a recent Lowy Institute Poll stating that Australians have the warmest feelings towards Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. One of the issues talked about in the EU referendum was “immigration” and if you listen to the remoaning media it would seem like the British hate all migrants however it is not the case. The British Social Attitudes Survey shows the complete opposite, that more British see migrants as an Enrichment on Britain’s cultural life and good for the Economy. There is a major issue with immigration however… freedom of movement across CANZUK was lost as a result of the UK joining the ECC (precursor to the EU) and signing up to ECC (later EU) immigration policies. When the UK joined the EU, immigration to and from the CANZUK countries was a non-issue as most people had a relation in the CANZUK countries and could easily apply for a visa. However we are at the time when we are in many cases more than a grandparent away… and most British are extremely unhappy with those from CANZ being treated as “foreigners” at our border and vice versa.

There are multiple issues the British have with the EU. The main one is centralisation with “More EU”. The British people feel a loosening in ties with the rest of the world in particular the other Commonwealth Realms due to protectionist mechanisms of the EU. The UK on the other hand is traditionally a global trading nation. One of the biggest upsets in the UK is that the Eurocrats push for a creation of an EU Army as a deterrent to the USA. While on the other hand the UK tends to align far more with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and also the United States than France or Germany…

It comes at no surprise that there is a campaign to push for Closer Ties and Freedom of Movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom known as CANZUK and over 250,000 have signed the associated petition:

We also have a Facebook group with over 2,600 members:

CANZUK by population size and an estimate of the number of people who have signed the CANZUK petition by CANZUK country using the Facebook Group’s membership ratio:

When people are polled on this movement the response is predominantly positive:

See CANZUK International April 2018 Polls for more details.

The Canadian Conservative Party have picked up on the enthusiasm for CANZUK and at their CPC Convention in 2018 voted by 97 % to make a CANZUK treaty their flagship policy:

The UK government made the following announcement in their Budget 2018:

4.37 Enhancing the UK border experience – In 2019, the government will introduce changes at the UK border to enhance the experience for business and leisure travellers to the UK. As part of this, citizens of the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan will, by next summer, be able to use the e-passport gates at UK ports, significantly improving the flow of passengers at busy airports such as Heathrow. Businesses will be able to become customs trusted traders (including ‘Authorised Economic Operator’) in half the time it currently takes, as part of the UK’s aim to be at the cutting edge of global customs administration. HMRC will implement the improvements within 2 years.

In New Zealand the ACT party also push for a CANZUK treaty and in Australia the Liberal Democrats want a Free Immigration with Canada and the United Kingdom (Australia already has one with New Zealand).

My Tribute to CANZUK

I’ve put together a YouTube video showing the relation between the Flags, Floral Symbols and the Coat of Arms of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

00:10 The United Kingdom
02:25 The Crown Dependencies
03:16 The British Oversea Territories
06:15 The Dominion of Canada
10:07 The Commonwealth of Australia
13:58 The Dominion of New Zealand

00:00 Rule Britannia
02:12 Over the Hills and Far Away
05:42 The Maple Leaf Forever
10:07 Advance Australia Fair
11:07 I Vow to Thee My Country
14:16 God Defend New Zealand

Red, White and Blue Ensigns:

Extended CANZUK Flag Chart:

Old Maps

A Map of Glasgow, Scotland, Great Britain in 1795.


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